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  1. KaiH

    no quests?

    Okay thank you for your time all! :drinks: Can be closed
  2. Sadly its the only option for me :)
  3. what u have to do is, 1. Install the the downloaded application 2. Run it 3. Run warspear (note : the installed application must not be closed)4. Setting>mc shop > earn free miracle coins5. click on sponsorpayYou should get those miracle coins by now. Will try this asap!
  4. Hey, I'm a lv 4 ranger and only got one quest open. I'm afraid that when i finish that one and dont get a new one im stuck. I already explored some new places on the map but there aren't any avaible quests on them. Could anyone give me some tips? And is there another way for around lv 4 to get exp and gold other then quests? I aprreciate your time! Kind regards, KaiH
  5. Hi all, I just did some download and run things from sponsorpay etc to get the beginner roque bag but i didnt recieve any miracle coins... Could anyone help me? I appreciate your time!! Kind regards, Aceryz. Btw great website for mobile my compliments !
  6. Made a roque atm. Kinda like it but need to get used of it :)
  7. Would safe me alot of time if you could reccomend me one ^^
  8. I really can't choose a class. Atm i have a lv 4 ranger but i dont know i find them little weird. Trap is kinda useless. I also tested druid but i dont like that class either. Just made a lv 1 babarian but he seems not too bad. Still wondering which class would fit me. I like damage and someone who can pvp well. A little def would be nice also. No mage or support please. I appreciate your time! :give_rose: Kind regards KaiH
  9. KaiH

    Hi :)

    eu-emerald, forgot to say that sorry :)
  10. KaiH

    Hi :)

    Hi im new :) My irl name is Kai, im 15 years old (soon 16) and live in the Netherlands. Joined the game 1 day ago and i enjoy playying it so far. I'm a lv 4 ranger named KaiH (feel free to add me). Well thats it i guess If anyone got some tips for me would be wonderfull :) Kind regards, KaiH
  11. And which item does give that? I'm new sorry.
  12. sorry Off-topic but how am i able to aim?
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