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  1. papaxbear is now Zxrenskiee so beware papaxbear(dhavok) dont trust he do scamming or hacking. that is not me beware guys im your MR. ws 2014 :) :)
  2. wutwoot


    Sell endless bow 90k pm papaxbear
  3. please like this link thank you https://www.facebook.com/warspear/photos/a.694342250601434.1073741836.136652359703762/694342317268094/?type=3&theater
  4. happy birth ws :) more free custom to come ty.
  5. just a few question ;D ;D ;D please reply. what if my camera has effect like black and white,etc.,is that accepted? and if im gonna take picture,whole body?half body?or only our face??
  6. wutwoot

    kindest player

    WTF What Pvprange scammer doing here. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  7. wutwoot

    Asian sever

    Create sever in other country. like phillipines sever cause many pll at saphire is filipino and other sever.
  8. Quest Forgotten secret of weapon WHERE IS THE KEY PLEASE HELP HELP I DON`t SEE ANY KEY AT THE CAVE :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search: :search:
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