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  1. I was thinking about creating LVL 1 ranger and I see oldies leaving one by one. I am gonna regret for it
  2. It was before 2012 as far as I can remember
  3. I remember you, Used to call me queer-fashioned. Always quoting my post with something I don't liked. HI there
  4. It would be better if I had mouse at that time. And I am surprised to know you still play it . May be I will join again but the updated ruined the game. It's not same anymore. Back in time it was perfect and made the most out of it. I guess devs should roll back some changes.
  5. Here's to things that Warspear Online left me, have a look. You can see old players here. Vigachan just lvl 14. The pic is of my friend and video of random US- Sapphire players. VIdeo link:
  6. I am long gone old player and stalked at forum again just to see if any old friends there. However,I missed you all. Though I can't find any known user in this forum and most of them have quit. Still if some user may know me. I've played as "Rajiv" , "BCX" I just want to know if any user here play Dota 2. Also I would like to add them
  7. Great, still her friends can be in touch.
  8. One of the best player gone . Hope she'll back. May be she is already in, we just don't know
  9. Thanks Angelo. However, I am unable to recognize you. Can you name some of your chars? And where's LadyGi? I need to apologize. Expecting help from everyone I know
  10. My friend changing his login info I used to play MC "Bcx" long time ago
  11. Thank you. You look more beautiful than before.
  12. HeadHunter

    Back Again!

    It's been such a long time I was away. Missed you all. Everyone who know me as "Rajiv" add "xjesisx"
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