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  1. my shaman was.recently hacked by a player who asked for my email only no password. as he promised me m coin. Now be carefull that you don't disclose your any detail to anyone. I pray I get back my account. Good game to ypu all
  2. achan

    game hacked

    if this i cannot recover back my account then let me know. I awaits your reply asap. do mail me the reply
  3. achan

    game hacked

    please kindly do something about my character which is hacked recently 1 min back. I was suppose to buy m.coin from another player and I gave he the login details (password was not given). and I want it back.
  4. good . . . . ; please solve the log in problem
  5. what is wrong with the server? un its down :aggressive:
  6. can you tell me how does mage new skill really works? it only time warp once after every 9-10 normal hits :wacko: which is kindda not very cool. Though it in level 1 O:-) so wanna know about theat new expert skill at level 3 or 4.
  7. :wacko: my mage does 82 damage with expert skill +7 night prince staff
  8. :tease: look.your vote count :search:
  9. Easier to.earn.gold.mean you have more gold.which also means hike in price of other items like signs, unity pot, weapons etc .. :facepalm: think it realisticly.
  10. Well.I like.cooldown.buff and if you have it, you can always sell it to me.real.cheap. price O:-) And I can show you the meaning being a caster :rofl:
  11. :aggressive: wish ranger can also.go.stealt mode.and.remove dodge skill.
  12. ;D lmao... Becarefull next time befor you spent you $$$
  13. Heard that new equipment is gonna be introduced is it true?
  14. This.post is not helping how long the update will take :sorry:
  15. I have set of defenders rune and crystal which I cannot put it in market to sell it and trade it through exchange please help I am using Lemon aspire a3 android 4.01 (ics) and 3.13 version of warspear. Thank you.
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