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  1. Werewolf costume + Death Knight dress :) nice looks so evil.
  2. Don't worry, Vortex will get all prizes in every tourney.Cry more sentinels.
  3. They doesn't earn money on your suggestion kid, so I know devs will just ignore this :rofl:. This Suggestions forum section is like a Recycle bin :rofl:
  4. Because of that announcement, Vortex and NoSkilLs are spamming tics again. They're even worse than cheater. This tournament is a Cancer! Thumbs up Warlockspear!
  5. How about a Scroll that can change Weapon color? (:
  6. Ownage

    Cant log my Mage

    Same problem with my Druid.
  7. rotfl at memes :rofl:
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