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  1. no more activity in this contest :/
  2. Wow 20 days longer. Must be a massive patch, huh.
  3. Welcome to Arinar! - The basic knowledge you need to know about Warspear -
  4. Lavrence

    Rogue stats xD

    So I'm building my rogue right now and was wondering if I should get Scout Kris or Scout Gladius?
  5. So, I just ended all the quests in the Irlesnort Island and I got up to lvl 15. So how do I lvl up to 20? Daily quests take so long and they dont give much exp and I cant go to Norlant (I'm a ranger, get insta killed). Any tips?
  6. Thank you for all the support, but the competition is so big, that I can only wish I could be in Top 3.
  7. While making this costume I was thinking about the consept that only one arm is armored leaving other parts of bodycapable of moving swiftly, that was actually first used if I'm correct) by the roman gladiators. And the robe is just a simple long robe, nothing much. That leaves it that the only thing similar to this Full Metal Alcheist guy is the color of the robe, well if you guys say so, then I'll change the color.
  8. This is the costume I have in mind.It would be a long robe with one arm fully covered in armor, there's also a neckles similar to the one's that bhudist monks wear. I left the head without any hat or helm, because I wanted that players could show their hairstyle, especially the ones who used barber set. Please tell me what you think about it! Also I added some variatons of the costume. Lavrence
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