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  1. XD I was trying to reply to a locked post Hahaha I kept refreshing and was like "why isn't it letting me do itttttt" lmao well even if they claim u didn't create it, I mean u played on it the majority of the time and pumps money into it so if that's not taking ownership of the char idk what is. Also I appreciate the fast reply from all moderators so don't think im a hater lol im just here to show support.
  2. Im Foxlovevix and I approve this message. Lol ya I agree, anything u pump bout $100-$2000+ bucks into shouldn't be ever taken away so easily and banned. Way I see it something that expensive should be considered ur property sorta speak. So I guess u can say the devs foreclosed on u lol which is kinda crazy becuz it wasn't ur fault someone else can't obey the rules, I've known ur char since u were a little turtle turd lmao if u read this devs I can say he isn't a false player or any where related to myths scams. They were just players in a game. I've been playing for years now I think devs should take an old farts advice. Let my people go! Lol I approve this message!
  3. As updates keep flying out and people racing to be the best, I think its time to introduce new races into the fix of things, rather these races be intertwined with current MC vs. Elf war is totally up to the devs or fighting for their own goals. Basically I've thought up with a friend of mine, 2 races that can change the entire game and be crazy fun for all players. Mind u this is just an idea but I think it could be the start of a huge expansion via warspear. First off my list I would like to start with an MC side race which would fit perfectly. Gnolls, these beast like creatures would be a good selection in expanding classes and showing off the brute force of this sides barbaric characteristics. Classes include: •samurai •archer •engineer I would like to give this race a Chinese/Japanese feel when they were discovering gunpowder and still holding their past traditions such as sword fighting. That raw mysterious feel of curiosity and bazaar science. I will now go into each classes description. Samurai: an expert of sword play, uses speed, intelligence and precision to cut down numerous opponents that stand in their way. Uses one handed sword specifically crafted just for them having high critical and damage with speed. Archer: a quick and fast range fighter that hold accuracy and cunning attacks to kill all foes from a wide range using a deadly bow as their tool of war. (This class will bridge the gap of MC not being able to use bows hence fixing the point of having a bow craft and drops via MC side) Engineer: (my favorite which can also be called gunner) uses newly developed science and tech to blast foes into pieces using gun like equips, mines and bombs. The equips should range from a 2h shotgun or sniper dealing high damage just like bows or 2h sepsis or 2 hand guns which would deal damage just like 2 one handed swords or axes would do, ofcourse they would not look like modern guns but abit antique. This character will cause wide panic via explosives and fire in a mass area ofcourse. Now for the elves I thought of a race called ents or "tree ppl." Basically they are completely nature freaks lol and I mean literally old ancient nature ppl who are nature themselves. The classes are: •Ent Brute or just Brute •Summoner •Golem Enter Brute or brute: Now this Guy is a high damage giant, swinging clubs and rock weapons he is a monster to be feared as he's completely made of wood such as a large tree and protects the forests from harm. (Good for tanking, basically a barb on elf side) Summoner: a special caster that uses staff and ancient magic to summon old beasts and new to do his biding, from healers (such as faries) to recover his or friends HP to war beasts (such as wolves) to fight beside him, he is a foes to be feared, u never know what he could summon. Golem: this Guy is a huge mass support char, he builds large barriers from stone and earth to slow opponents and to provide cover to his fellow allies, but that's not all, using clubs or hammers he can fight upfront and cause huge devastating earthquakes and tremors to stun all enemies and scare fear into their hearts since he's nothing but a rock man lol his heart is stone itself. This is basically a rough draft of my idea but I hope to see what everyone has to say. Leave a comment, thanks guys. -Fox
  4. Lmao I like that haha male come here ill head bash u xD still if the shield damage is high and stun time.long I would like the new skill cuz doing shield and axe with bd now is very ignorant and foolish, u will lose and im +10, the stuns and shield on bd counter the one hand wep easily not even considering ur misses and parrys if this new barb skill is effective against that then ill welcome it
  5. The thought of shield bash is actually kinda exciting to me, we get a new stun and damage with it in place of our poor charges and short stun time.on that but I also agree if we dont have a shield the skill seems pointless. Still I await testing the new skill maybe the shields damage will be based on its def lol in that case ill be hitting 1k lmao
  6. Just wanted to add that new skills are nice and all just can u put a little more thought into barbs please cuz most of the skills on that char are useless, even with this shield skill it feels abit laid back compared to other characters, I mean what if barbs use a 2 handed weapon? It kinda renders the skill useless then lol while everyone else's will probably work fine, just wondering when will barbs actually start being barbs with power attacks
  7. Awesome, just don't forget about me lol, thanks in advance.
  8. Having some Google play issues, wanted only one payment of mcoins, when I ordered some first try got an error message saying cannot connect with server so I tried again and it went through, checked my bank account says I paid for two payments apparently, got both Google emails for each one, only got mcoins from second payment, I would like my first payment refunded and the second to go to in game credits still. Sent email under [email protected] thanks
  9. [email protected] they replied about the server going down not mcions yet. Thanks
  10. Yes around 12:17 central time us, usually reset for me is 1am, after that I tried to log on and wouldn't let me so sent few email to support wondering what happened, seemed everyone had same problem but when we all logged the game itself had reset itself back so all purchases and so forth were erased and we were all given what we had originally started with, only thing is our mcoins were used and those didn't reset.
  11. Was before restart, was an amulet just recently bought the item again from market due to the reset setting things back to what they were 2 hours ago.
  12. The server seems to have reset itself back an hours time worth of game play or more. I recently bought $10 worth of mcoins and amped as well as critical rune and crystal an amulet, I would like my mcoins returned to me asap if anything else, there are a lot of players in the same situation as me, money taken and reset setting back all events except mcoins purchases, get back to me when u can.
  13. So far I haven't gotten any word back forum wise or email wise, going on a week now
  14. Still currently waiting for a response from devs on this situation, there's still a lot of players who have been scammed out of a desired weapon due to this "change" I for one would like this addressed accordingly and appropriately not set aside because nobody wants to admit the fact that this is wrong to the players. Something needs to take place ASAP. Get back to me.
  15. Just wanted to add on this topic, for most of the players in the same situation as me we have spent actual cash on amping and enchanting and to have it taken away like this seems fraudulent in the very least, if we can not have the items we originally had with our same stats and enchants then we should be given a refund on how many mcoins we spent on the item taken from us. Actual cash has been taken from players who believed they were amping and enchanting a item they enjoyed having only to have development take it away and give them a item not even wanted with no enchants at all. If this isn't wrong and somewhat leaning to fraud Idk what is then. Leave your comments if any thank you.
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