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  1. 1) This is a game not a social media. 2) Maybe good idea. 3) Use Skype.
  2. Gladiator

    9381 dmg

    Not if he knocked you with his damn crit.. 50%
  3. I don't face that problem so much.. Like what swaaz said, I place the banner where it hits the least number of players, or simply, you stand in an empty area (if found) so when someone wants to pvp, he comes to you. But, Idk if we really should take sun seal to max, because, you loose 3 more banner hits and 20% buff, it is more useful in dung or arena even in pvp where no dmg split. How much dmg u do btw in 4/4 seal?
  4. what's on my mind?

  5. Here is my pic.. Hope you like it! And goodluck for other participants..
  6. Gladiator

    one day?

    Not good for hunting :/... Better stay home
  7. Gladiator

    one day?

    how's the weather there in the middle east
  8. Gladiator

    one day?

    im your... potato
  9. amazing dude.. Btw.. Do you know what sex position produces ugliest children? Go ask your parents (no offence bro)
  10. wow!! Your face is.... I like that shit. Honestly, you have such a great face for makeup.
  11. Wutttt? Dks aren't op? Maybe you should try to pvp a good skilled Dk...* Here is what is going to happen: 1) Dk uses "blow of silence".. Therefore, he silences you ofc. 2) 5 secs of silence and you are (Ofc) hitting with normal attacks (Which are very useful) 3) Silence is over. you be like "Yay! now it's my turn" 4) Dk says "Lol" 5) Dk stuns you with his "Exhalation of darkness" which he much use before silence effect is over in 1 sec, so he doesn't face any delay that allows you to cast your stuns. 6) 2-3 secs of full stun, and guess what... "Blow of silence" is back.* 7) A
  12. i knew warspear and started playing it since lab update.. before chosen and forsaken come; but i wasn't addicting it until update "clash of guilds" came and started the real game.
  13. Yea devs.... You have to change those boring cc rewards, they suck..
  14. yeah.. finally sometimes i suffer fighting +10 dks...
  15. ofc.. that's the point!! use mace because crystals are cheaper... so much logic
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