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  1. Interesting your suggestion for a new class, since it lacks two classes in Legion and Sentinel, but thus needs a physical class for the outcasts, until it has the charmer but it's hybrid.Well, maybe it's a big problem in this loss of life to activate skills and die fast
  2. @ Nolan @ HolmesI've been waiting 40 min on this dynamic quest and no monsters appear, it may be bugged. please fix this
  3. Okay, I can't compare other games with Warspear Online, but the mechanics I can. It's simple and Aigrind has the power to make the game very interesting.
  4. Sorry, but I think you're wrong, stardew valley has been multiplayer for a long time. Please inform yourself better
  5. I bring you complaints from players regarding the natal map, for being too white. And as a suggestion I present to you a basic system that exists in all 2d or 3d games. Basically the Warspear Online game is based on the time of the Server region. So if you follow the clock, why not change the weather accordingly? Example: Stardew valley follows the suggestion above, bright morning and dark night, I believe it would greatly improve the game's maps in terms of brightness that does not impair vision Thanks to everyone who viewed and thanks for watching ^^
  6. Yes, I hope some adm looks at this post, the moderators have already commented
  7. I think it's really discouraging, it's the player not knowing the drop rate, imagine several people going to Tower and not dropping something, depressing isn't it? Well that's my vision, and yours is this. Thanks for listening!!!
  8. In the part about knowing the drop rate, I think it would not be harmful to the company, because there is a rate in the game, only it is fixed, but if it were for the number of times in the tower, it could increase, as an example in the image. In the amplification part, I can't say, I referred to the rate of fall in the bau and tower
  9. Well, again I'm talking about the drop rate, and lately this halloween being the worst in history in terms of drops, they were very negative for the company, in relation to public satisfaction. I propose that they display the drop rate (bau, tower, etc...) so that it makes everyone's understanding easier and that they don't get upset. As an example, I bring an image from Genshin Impact Gatcha, showing the percentage of each photo on a banner.
  10. Really shameful I would say it's cheating, an infinite cycle of Farm tw lvl 6, in which a lvl 32 takes 4 lows and repeating over and over again
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