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  1. Pvp based update but you didnt disable the usage of pots/scrolls from arena? Disgusting.
  2. Sweet! EDIT: Will there be a miracle coin +50% this weekend? :)
  3. Lefu


    Täällähä o näköjää jonku verra suomalaisia :) Itse pelin alotellu n 6v sitten mut lopettanu n 1,5v sitte, nyt pikkuhiljaa palailemas takasi, addailkaa EU:l LeFu & Dkfu
  4. Lefu

    The poisonous blades

    True, but if you use it from stealth it adds damage to poison per tick.
  5. Okay so, i already did sent email to support but not sure if it was sent correctly. Anyways, i bought miracle coins 2 days ago. Bought 3x 5 euros packs with sms payment, i paid for all of them but only got 2 of those packs, so i'm missing 823 miracle coins but paid for them. Bought them inside game on my character Lefu. Would be nice to get the miracle coins i pay for..
  6. Been 45 minutes maintanence allready.. :(
  7. I'm saying this as a player and a miracle coin user. I've seen so many topics about how people who cant afford miracle coins are left to shadows, that i can't believe why GMs don't take any actions. It seems GMs just don't care about so called "poor" players. I can understand that we, miracle coin users, pay their bills and get benefits for it. BUT, i think these non miracle coin users don't get anything in this game. I think GMs care a little too much about miracle coin users, and too little about non miracle coin users. I'm sick of seeing updates how "rich" people will get something awesome,
  8. Lefu

    Scammer alert xd

    This kid failed his scamming attempt and raged xd edit: removed screenshots of bad language send in support ticket, report them for account selling and bad language, please dont show others what he said, just report them and move on. -jswaaz
  9. All the time servers down, play 2 minutes and cut again, why? Fix problems at once dont just cut, let play and cut again
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