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  1. Level 32 Mermen armor is good, i wouldn't call it superior than others. I doubt that someone plays with mermen set against a druid for example or a priest or event a necro. These kind of sets are situational. You are going to use mermen set heavy in PvP against dps classes because that saves ur ass sometimes, but it is never in your advantage to use it against all classes, so in my opinion it is not superior or the best gear for pvp. Also in this topic you should also consider the skill build, Vla is complaining here that as a barbarian with full set greatness with Defeat skill 4/4 can't beat a barbarian with Mermen set in pvp that uses Fury 4/4... every person that has a bit of knowledge in PvP knows that you can't stand a chance against a barb with fury 4/4 if you are running defeat 4/4, but that's only my opinion. In conclusion i consider this topic unnecessary and inaccurate..
  2. He wants to make Ivoo's channel more famous through me bro, no problem i allow that
  3. I am not sure i understood your issue, that a castle can be captured too fast by a guild or that it is hard as a weaker guild to take part at siege castles. But anyway, my suggestion that i have been holding for months was to make a simple change in the castle siege system. If i'm not mistaken and if i do i apologise, every gate has same hp (250k) and every throne has 50k hp no matter the castle, t1-t5. An amount of 30 people can destroy a gate that has 250k hp in less than 20 minutes, imagine 70 people that have to defend the same gate with 250k against 70 other people that could just nuke the gate pretty easy. We all know that a castle defence is much harder than attacking and capturing a castle. There is no point in changing or limiting the skill of any guild because it does not change the play style... after all, the best guilds should have their castles, no point in making it fair for example a level 3 guild is trying to attack a level 12 guild and for that the skills should be limited. It has nothing to do with Mermen or any other event where the skills are really limited. In my opinion Castles are a much more serious subject than Mermen and other stuff and guilds shouldn't be touched, what should be changed is the hp of the gates, making it fair for 70 people to defend a gate (t5 castle) the same way 30 people (t1 castle) would defend. In my opinion the gates should be changed and would make a big difference in the Castle Siege System in a good way.
  4. oh wow, hi mum i'm famous!
  5. Most enjoying GvG i have seen so far in this event, hope you like it!
  6. Slap


    He wants that the arena System put him up in arena more often and because he is not up that often, just down he thinks this is a bug. EU-Emerald has this dumb thing "Demand 5v5 UP WIN" and it's an agreement made between all people in EU Server to win always if you are upside of the arena, and if you are down you are supposed to afk/ to lose and to do nothing at all, just to look at the enemies from up killing you... that's EU-Emerald my friend " UP Win" people don't fight anymore in it, and when they get too much down side they complain and say it is a bug, because they refuse to fight for the win, they like to gamble up wins. Like in this example, i am up in the arena, that means i win no matter what and the ppl down lose/afk/do nothing. That's why he is complaining. Not a bug or anything like that
  7. Slap


    Bro, you are complaining about a deal that is made in this server, it is not a server problem that you only get down and the deal is up win because it is all random, other servers are fighting for their wins, no matter if up or down.. Solution? Fight for your wins no matter if you get down or up in arena, or just gamble for up wins until you are done with all 25..
  8. Meanwhile with the bugged book.
  9. They are powerful but that's why they got nerfed smh tbh, what is the point of having all the potions and scrolls of a castle in this game, if you can not use them in fights?
  10. Bruder, what kind of device are you using? Let's get some things straight
  11. They do work, but server keeps shutting down once in a while, like right now for example EDIT: Try it now, Test Server is on
  12. Ok. Update! As i said, they keep doing it, and no one cares about them or about the hard work of the players that do it in the fair way.. Here how arena 2v2 looks like right now.. sad, i got no words really, the progress from yesterday until today.. https://prnt.sc/t8inut https://prnt.sc/t8io07 https://prnt.sc/t8io7z Almost 300 matches using a Bot to spam 2v2.. And not simple demands, they were being blocked for 5 hours, so they could have done maybe 500-600 demands in all that time if my people will not act at the right time.. https://prnt.sc/t8ir4k When i asked how many hours did they spam... simply no words man and as i said yesterday people have to work.. i came home from work and seeing this, when they would probably drink some beer outside or napping while their bots making UNFAIR HUGE AMOUNT OF AP .. I actually heard that some friends at elf side got banned lately for the reason... they spammed all day, what were you thinking? To say, bro it is not healthy to spam all day long, we will have to ban you for few days... Dear Administrators/Developers, you are banning the wrong persons my friends.. I am actually happy that these people still play after they got banned after somehow.. spamming all day arena 5v5.. Got no words but as long i am still playing this game, investing money and time, this subject just started! My intention is not to attack people or ppl responsible for this, im just expressing my opinion maybe in a brutal way more or less but this is the reality, sad exactly how it is.. EDIT: This was my last comment on this topic.
  13. Hello everyone, i think it is a first one for me and pretty weird as well, first time i come here in 7 years to complain about the game, but here we are and i am kinda dissapointed that such things happen. I got last year in Halloween back into the game after a very long time of pause from the game, i started playing back at the end of 2012 in December and since then the game got me.. Now the thing is, i started arena 4 Seasons ago when it started to be like in the hell for me, meeting guys who actually do not care for the people that work their asses off for an arena rank, and i know a lot of people that got family, personal problems and so on, but still they find time to spam some arena and enjoy the actual game and the rewards you can get at the end of the season, really cool right? Yeah, not really, because these kind of people, mostly Chinesse don not care about you, or about me, or any of us, they use Macros, Botting programs and all it takes just to get ranks easy and flawless day by day by day.. may i ask why is this allowed? Old, veteran people in this game still by my side, trying to fight these robots and scripts that just simply tear the happiness of the game, all this fun, simply making it be horrible, but i tell you that, it's been 4 months since i fight them, day and night, 4 months stopping them from getting ranks, rewards and so on, maybe sometimes 4-5h a day, sometimes even 10/15 hours in weekends. Some people may say it is about money, but if it is really about money, how about the amount i have spent during the 7 years? The thousands dollars and also the thousands of hours i have spent into this game when i could do any other thing besides playing.. I just tell you that it is not fair to the people that are spending real money and time playing this game and i would like some fairness to our sides, and not encourage people to use VPS, VPN, Scripts, macros, multilogging on 2+ chars and many other that violate THE TERMS OF EULA that i have been reading 5 times and i started laughing.. In order to show that any of my arguments of course, i made first of all a 40 minutes Video proving that they are actually botting and sent an email to Warspear Desk and due to some privacy stuff i will not show it on the forum, but i got a part selecting from it + a screenshot that proves that there is something suspicious going on. https://prnt.sc/t6y66e In this imagine as you can see, i was able to catch 3 of their accounts connecting and disconnecting in the same time which proves my argument that they are using a macro to control their movement, their actions, their entire party, giving u the option to block any kind of threats coming from other players that interrupt the macro, for example Exchanges, the bot was programmed to reject any kind of action that would interrupt the process.. how and why? Because dear chinesse are smart and have took into consideration all these possibilities and improved their programm to get more and more ap, flawless.. It's been 4 months of going deep... too deep into this subject, trying to discover their weaknesses.. well there is one for sure, that can 100% PROVE that people are using such programs, here down you have a 40 seconds video. So let me explain for those who do not know, what is actually happening in this video..Since such a bot is programmed with specific movement, every time, with a specific order or skills and so on, it is programmed to eliminate the target on the map using the set of movement chosen by the person who controlls the Macro, but i have found out that there is such a spot called blind spot where the bot can not see you somehow and believe me or not, nobody is willing to change anything about this, such things keep happening with MORE AND MORE people every day, they give up trying, using bot.. why? Cause why not, it is very simple and no stress, free points, free rewards.. And as you can see it was still almost 2 am when i tried to record this, believe me... i was doing it all freaking day long from that day until now every day and night.. why is this allowed? I am not willing to stop and give them all they want since i spent money, and lifetime in this game, like all the fair people in this game, why should such things be promoted? What are these persons doing right and we, fair people can not do? I really can not be quiet when it comes about my work, my money and my time. Anyway, enough with the talk, i will just let some few stuff in here to show you how happy these people are right now.. Well changed my mind, i will put one more video here as a Question mark ??? Ignore my background music... That is the kind of music i listen to.. to not fall asleep in late nights while china is botting.. In the video you can see their place in arena, at the begining, first days when they started.. and now: https://prnt.sc/t81kp1 and https://prnt.sc/t81kub How much will it take to take actual actions against them? I am tired of spending 10-15 hours a day blocking, spamming in order to stop them, cause there is no other choice rather than sleeping less and outspamming them ( them... what a joke... i mean the robots") Basically always the same people, in EU-Emerald.. Odq, Qdg, Imooo, Guccl, Jing and Jingx.. The proof about these guys can be seen only by the Warspear Desk, as i mentioned before i hav emade a 39 minutes video showing everything they did.. If that video can not prove that they are spamming and actions will not be taken, then nothing will do it.. And i am personally tired.. I hope i get the sustain from all the people that know me or that face these guys to actually help and make a change.. If these people keep being unbanned again for personal administrative reasons that i will not get into.. then let‘s make something that makes a RESTRICTION for arena in that season, and not being able to demand again that season, or something like this... Well i actually feel like i wrote too much and i got no inspiration now as well, but an actual answer and a feedback from each player/moderator/Administrator would be nice and not actually removing or ignoring my post.. Thank you very much, if there is something i forgot to mention or to tell, i will edit or post in comments..
  14. I am impressed by the fact that YinYang has made you to spend hours thinking about a meme, means we mean a lot to you You even censured ur character in that photo xD
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