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  1. This map will take a snow design, kind of like World Creation Ok here's how my map works: Spawning: The red and the purple are opposite team spawn areas, the green dots will be the players. You spawn in the large areas shown and when you revive you will spawn at any one of the 3 randomly. Pathways; The white paths are typical pathways, nothing special. The dark blue is wet damp snow, it slows the player down. The light blue is slippery ice, it speeds the player up. The gold squamres are the seals. Seals: The black dots in the gold squares are an innovation I'll add into arena: they are mobs, preferably yetis. The will be about as strong as mini bosses corresponding to whatever the max level of the highest player in the arena bracket is. (If a 14 arenas with 17 their mobs will be level 18 because 18 is the highest arena bracket level for the 17 and 17 is the highest level player in the party.) Basically if the mobs are level 28 they can have about 12k hp and 450 damage(this isn't exactly how I think it should be, just basing it off of lvl 28 tougher mobs). If you take the seal and all the mobs are alive you will not get any points. If all mobs are dead you will get all points. If half the mobs are dead(for the seals with 2 mobs) you will get half the points. For the center(3 mobs) you will get 1/3 points if 1 mob is dead and 2/3 points if 2 mobs are dead. Seals will calculate points independent of eachother and the mobcount on one doesn't effect the points on another. Mobs have a 1 minute spawn and are worth 30 points when killed. The mobs are linked so when you attack one they'll all attack you. If 2 players from another team attack a mob the kill will be decided kind of how its decided who get's a drop or achievement in normal farming. When a mob kills a player no one gets points. Finally, you're team, of course, has to take the seal to get any points.
  2. 1. Is it still 3v3? 2. Can we put teleports/damaging things (kinda like how dungeons have) 3. Can we put non traditional arena things such as mobs or power ups? 4. Can we make the seals work differently? Like you need all 3 on to capture? Or they dmg ppl slightly?
  3. Holy shit finally, been waiting for this contest for a while
  4. Because doing Warspear for free will totally pay for the game's development, server usage, and the Dev's bill/food.
  5. But it's literally impossible to level a new deathknight to 16 these days, that must be why he hasn't level one since, right?
  6. Yeah that'll be cool. Of course this can only really work for solo DG and you can't do one below your level
  7. Target it towards +6 and +10 will just do it more and get more
  8. Yeah, lets bring back the skill that could kill +10 players before the bladedander even attacked.
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    I don't ignore people
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    Thanks Obama
  11. Hints for dg: -Boss is too hard to kill 1v1 which is why devs provide 3 bulls to help, use all 3 and only start attacking if all 3 are alive. Low level dgs are easier because the bulls last longer but in high level dg they die very quickly so you have to summon all 3 and attack the boss very quickly. One spawner will always summon an enemy mob, it will be the same one every time. This means if you use on and its a bull and use a second and its a mob the bull spawner will always respawn first(because the bull will die first) and the enemy mob one will spawn second. Keep note of where it is and keep summoning bulls until the spawners are close enough together to send all 3 to the boss without any dying. -In boss area you should kill the scarecrows and the green enemies but the gargoyles don't need to be killed, this should help make a quicker run. -In windmill area enemies are invisible this is the hardest of the areas because you can be attacked by multiple mobs at once, use the event skill which drops on an area to help find enemies. -In the battle scene area(which is my favorite) where mobs on your team spawn to kill enemy mobs and you have to kill the spawned it is best to keep killing the bad mobs until your mobs overwhelm the guard. Stun the guard and run back as often as you can. Ive found that this part is actually easier on higher level because better skills.
  12. I'd rather get cooked chunks of Snorlax's flesh on my pizza than pineapple.
  13. No, it's hard in some places, soft in others, and makes the crust wet.
  14. OK few questions: 1. Are permanent solo dgs an idea you are considering? 2. Will we get the annual free costume? 3. Will the craft level increase soon? 4. Will new costumes from contest be in event?
  15. You sure I didn't win? Maybe you accidentally got the card that says "Lalaland"
  16. Idk I don't understand this event yet, I log on and all I see is new costume/skin.
  17. I'm not allowed to touch Bibles because Everytime I do they burst into flames.
  18. Putin is stopping Warspear because his character was ganked.
  19. Because they can. It's oneof their ways of making money and keep in mind Warspear is a business.
  20. I went on vacation and just realized I left my water running at home.
  21. Controls population? So it passes out condoms?
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    He was touched by his priest when he was 9.
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