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    Belly-Legged Clam Achievement SPECIAL THANKS TO Dprotector ZeeZoooooo Starboy Ziad ... And US-Shapphire for not crashing down
  2. Is it possible to migrate account from one server to another ? It's really annoying that i see event coming up but starting time of event is in my local time like 5 AM. I know i should have thinking about it before choosing server to play at, but about decade ago we didn't have any kind of events like this. If possible then fill me in with the details. If its not, well then let's find solution together how to migrate my character(s) to more time friendly zone.
  3. Okay. I know about that position bug since i played next to my friend and pictures (positionings on screen were different) Can close it now.
  4. Can you please fix this issue, its not first time that is happening.
  5. Warspear servers are slow af. usually u see the light after u have died.
  6. I can not hear the whispering sounds anymore. I can only hear monsters hitting me and some other stuff. Only one tower made sound before i approached to it. So is it some kind of new thing for staff to make money here, so we would buy more repair scrolls ? i mean i brake up my gear like this in 10 minutes.
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