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  1. This Sam Hain guy seems like a dumbass, always getting fooled by a Jester, some owl, and now a severed head
  2. Dont see why not, could benefit AiGring financially. Sell costume pouches that take up 1 bag space and hold 5 costumes. You have to pay mcoins to extend it and/or buy more
  3. A few questions: -Will graphics and fun detailing increase chances of winning? -Is it 1 topic or can we give a thorough evaluation of the game? -What format is good? Microsoft Word? Paint? A photo? -Will a shorter guide with strong info better or the same as a long one with the same info but alot of fluff? -How much will an interesting one with valid info be judged over a boring but very informative one?
  4. Yes, let's do this! RG, TT are so useless, there is some nice potential but they are longer, tougher, and give bad GP. New drops! Mythic is there for a reason, to be hard! Make the mythic DGs drop good stuff unique to the individual dungeons.
  5. Let's give Palin, bds, and druids each a 4 second aoe stun with 100% chance to work and all you gotta do it tap the skill, not even apply it.
  6. What about six shadows or that similar quest on Chosen island?
  7. Lvl 20 doing lvl 28 will drop lvl 20? That's a stupid idea, if they wanted 20 items they'd do dg 20. They do 28 because 20 maybe their strongest character and they want 28 because it sells for the most
  8. Carpetlick

    Typing Bug

    Also, if you fix a word and go back to the end, it puts your correction at the end before whatever you type: "One too three fou" Decide to fix the "too" and finish the "four" after: "One two three fouWr" The W is the correction so its put at the end of what I typed before more letters
  9. What cold weather? Still 100° Farenheit here in Las Vegas >_>
  10. Carpetlick

    Typing Bug

    I use the Galaxy S 9. Whenever I type something with multiple words and wanna fix something I typed earlier, I will press around that area and start back spacing. But when I press the backspace it enters the last word I typed minus the last letter. For example: "One too three four" I wanna fix the "too" and make it "two" "One toFOUo three four" The FOU wont be caps but I made it that way to easier spot the mistake
  11. I have chosen Blade Dancer. It is a very easy class for beginners because of the combination of good defense, health, damage, and speed. It is not a healing class, but that is just compensated by the damage this class can inflict. The skills are extremely easy to learn and using one at the wrong time or not at all is generally more forgiving than it would be for most other classes, not being a healer means never having to worry about missing a heal. When at level 28, BDs are infamous for their extremely high damage combined with having a shield and Hamstring + Rush making them at times impossible to kill when at higher amps.
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