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  1. Beliar

    I want....

    Thats right! And they have "good" equip with Pay and use still pots or run like chickens or changing the Area :D lol
  2. Good boy! And why you make a sensless Screen of it? :facepalm: you have ADD?
  3. I dont use Coins ;) i have the whole gear +2 and wpn +4 ;) I killed Yunzhii many times but the Noob Shaman change always the Area and run like a chiicken and come back with rogues ;) and now the rogues cry and are nothing ^^ Hide and go cry in a corner ;) See you ingame and then you can run :blush: Like all MC ^^ Sulla changed yesterday always the Area you are HEROES! COWARDS! AREA CHANGER! and and and! Thats all to your MCs ;) See you
  4. If Emerald are down i try a Rogue at Sapphire ;) and the start isle are soooo boring and easy. And you can always hide. looooow class :clapping:
  5. :facepalm: Thats not true, because all players quit then.
  6. Or me? :rofl: I will give all the things my druid and delete your chars :blush:
  7. Haha now crying all the Noob Rogues they i killed with my Druid :blush: Only in group you are strong and only hide ;) Its proven that MC created for Kids and MC are nothing im 1 on 1. Many ppl pay for game and have wpn and gear +7 and run still in 1 on 1 it makes me laugh every day :D
  8. RIGHT! And the flamer kids get no bann ;)
  9. US-Sapphire : Spartansss(level 18 Bladedancer) Healerx(level 15 Druid) Shootin(level 14 Ranger) Xspartanss(level 16 Barbarian) Xspartan(level 14 Shaman) Xspartans(level 3 Rouge) Radioheart(level 14 Rouge) !!!!!!!!!! Real life FTW!
  10. You pay for game right? Bouncer :bad: :bad:
  11. Are you so a gamejunkie? that you CANT wait? -.- :facepalm: Holy shit MC kids again :facepalm: /close topic
  12. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=44247.msg144259;boardseen#new !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read before you open a new Topic-.- :facepalm:
  13. It works with Vodafone :dirol:
  14. Yeah thats right. Thats why i dont upgrade my stuff, i have fear that it broke and loose and i must buy then the lower Runes and Crystals. They rip us off... And i understand that many ppl quit the game.
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