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  1. you guys had all year and this is this is what you come up with?
  2. sorry to disappoint you.. in eu +10 dodge rogues die like ants.. you can literally kill it with any other class if you know how. rogue not being good for gvg is EXACTLY the reason I made this post. I don't have to play another class. any class I pick must be viable whether it's pve arena or gvg. now let me ask you a question.. you say rogue is for instant damage.. physical chiefs can 1 shot people in an instant.. for rogue to do damage he needs a set up.. now you may be able to kill some people in arena in 1 combo.. with some slim chance.. in reality there's druid that can save someone from certain death with 2 skills. pala also can save someone just as easily with a shield that can tank 10k damage. where is the contribution exactly? if you guys think rogue is a godly class in arena bring detection pot.. 90% of rogues are willing to sacrifice some of their arena prowess for gvg viability.
  3. ok mr bd.. what I'm pretty sure of is playing rogue is actually harder than you think.. it's actually harder to play than most other classes if you wanna make it actually effective, in fact the only classes harder to master than a rogue are locks and necros. That other bd build had 1/4 extermination.. I won't go into that any rogue that have less than 1 month experience knows that's THE skill to max otherwise you have no damage.. let's look at that max dodge max stun build 1 more time.. it has 1/5 stealth.. awful.. 1/4 extermination.. worse.. lemme tell you something mate.. without extermination you don't have the cd to cycle your stuns.. so what we have here is a bad version of dodge rogue that has no damage output and awful cd.. in br there are 2 rogues in their best guild.. 2.rogues.. and they're not using dodge builds. on ru all the good rogues are using stun. now can you not blame your lack of skill on the game on others? it's getting old. if you have a problem with rogue in arena use detection pot on a druid-bd-pala-barb-charmer.. want some team comps too? try druid pala or bd pala.. barb charmer.. charmer shaman..anything with a stun ranger longer than flurry can kill rogues.. no matter how good you play a rogue you can't win these team comps if they use detection pots. you have a problem with kick? use purification pots.. last time i checked both of them are allowed in arena for some reason. and now this is where you're dead wrong.. it actually reflects the number of braincells you have left.. in a mmorpg all classes should be viable.. no class should be bad in something. a rogue should be a viable option in gvg. now your mental capacity might not be able to understand all this so i'll make it simpler.. all classes need to be viable with some being better than others.. in my guild I am one of 6 rogues left. the best mc guild in the game have 2 rogues only. this means rogue is not a viable option. not viable means you can't play it in gvg.. if you can't play a class in gvg then we have a problem. now you'll translate this as oh he wants the rogue to be the best gvg class.. and here i remind you the difference between viable and best.. this seems to be your best argument you just said rogue can't be good in gvg now i'm bad? xd.. most people I've met say I play rogue really well.. have some people here also saying I play good so.. ehh..
  4. I see how it's gonna go then.. I'll make it simpler for you.. The main focus of the game right now is gvg.. Don't say arena or dg.. All guilds care about is gvg.. And every single class must be viable in gvg.. Not saying the best.. I'm sure you understand the difference between viable and best, right bd?.. Btw a bd is the last person to talk about braincells.. That someone also happens to be a bd.. And he had 1/4 extermination in his build.. You need eyes to see that.. You simply can't play rogue without 4/4 extermination, you don't need braincells to know that.. Since you've already played rogue before you should know this.. Right? Now for the "you choose to be useless" part.. I have the best build you can possibly get on a rogue, and still it's not even close to being viable in gvg.. I tried EVERY. SINGLE. BUILD. There are less than 5 good rogues on eu and they're all using my build. All of them having the same result.. When you say rogue is in a fine place go take a look at br/ru servers.. The ones that aren't actually dead.. No rogues in their guilds.. No rogues in arena ratings. Rogues ARE NOT VIABLE when maxed out and I'd love if you can provide something to prove me wrong. Back up your big mouth mate. Who's complaining about dodge rogues? They're all complaining because they have no clue how to fight against it. In arena it's useless in gvg it's useless.. I'll simply ignore your future replies if they mention 1v1 again.. Nobody cares about 1v1 interactions, it's not an aspect of the game and it'll never be There's a difference between good for gvg and viable for gvg.. A simple google search will clear things up for you mate. Every class should be viable in all aspects of the game.. pve arena and gvg.. Some being better that others.. Rogue is not viable in gvg. Period.
  5. As I said countless times already.. I don't care the slightest about 1v1..people cry about dodge because of 1v1s..in 2v2 however if you play dodge rogue you can't stun.. And in gvg you're useless.. Don't you say not every class needs to be good in gvg cuz you'll look like a fool.. GvG is the end goal of the game. Again I'll talk slower this time.. If. You. Play. Dodge. Rogue. You're. A. Solo. Player. And. Nobody. Likes. You. Dodge. Rogues. Are. Useless. Everywhere. Except. 1v1. Which. Is. Not. Even. An. Aspect. Of. The. Game. If. You. Play. Stun. You. Have. No. Survivability. In. Both. Cases. You're. Basically. Useless. In. GvG. I will copy this paragraph cuz honestly I got tired of typing it over and over.. I'll stop replying to bds, cuz in their mentality if they can't 3 shot a class then it's too broken. You can tell who's a bd and who's not just by reading what they type.. Fascinating imo.. 1 last thing.. You have no idea how easy it is to kill dodge rogues, all classes have their own method of killing dodge rogues and I can list everything and all they need is a little more than 2 brain cells. If people want to nerf dodge rogues it's fine by me I don't even consider it a survival thing for rogues. My rogue has 1/4 reflexes.. I sacrificed useless dodge for some sort of gvg viability. Again.. DODGE ROGUE IS DEAD.. Useless, worthless.
  6. My rogue have 50%resi without buffs and good enough def.. Ty for your contribution you've changed nothing Mr bd.. Not anymore I'll be a lock main starting today.. Rogue has no future
  7. I will choose to believe you're being sarcastic here.. Most of the things you said are flat out wrong..
  8. Mate lemme explain to you how to play bd.. Use your 4/4 resistance which will last 70 seconds.. Then use your 4/4 rush which has a true stun duration of 9 seconds.. Then start 3 shotting ppl.. Parry is actually way better than dodge.. Yes it works vs melee only but it has no counter. You can't dodge most of the stuns in the game now as of last year's balance changes.. You just said bd is a tank.. Lemme clear some things out for you.. NOBODY plays bd as a pvp tank.. EVERYONE is using 4/4 rush and 4/4 resistance.. ALMOST ALL maxed out bds can tank 3 MAXED OUT mc and ALL OF THEM can do minimum 1.7k dmg.. The funny part is they're getting even tankier now..
  9. Jeez this shows how little your knowledge of rogue is.. No rogue will ever use extermination at 1/4.. Without it you have no damage.. 1 other thing.. With stealth 1/5 you'll die like a rat.. This is by far the worst rogue build you can make.. And if you just made it to prove a point.. It doesn't work..
  10. well no.. everything is wrong with rogue.. stealth is a main skill for rogues and those who don't use it are fools. rogues and seekers would be garbage in all pvp aspects of the game if it wasn't for their invisibility skills.. rogues have 2 gap closers beside stealth, jump which nobody uses as a gap closer because it result in your death. everything can cc you to death once you use it.. and flurry which have a 80% stun chance.. and if you're making a dodge build you'll have it at 1/4 which is basically useless.. as i said 20 times already you can't have dodge and stun together and mixing both will result in a messy trashy build.. you'll use 3 points in extermination and 3 on trickiest technique.. if you don't use 4 on each idk what you're doing and you should play something with no brain like a bd.. anyways you'll be left with 3 skill points if you're 32.. you either use them on reflexes and be a dodge rogue with no gap closer and anything with detection pot ruining your day.. or use them on flurry and anything with detection pots will ruin your day.. it's stupid to say rogues don't need their stealth.. and it does win the fight.. you can't stop a bard charging you with detection pot.. they have 7 yard range on charge and you have 5 on flurry.. do the math they'll use their stun first.. this is 1 example if druids use detection pot they'll root you before you even get in range to use flurry. i have my moments in arena dying to druids only because of detection pot. there are other times when i destroy the same druids because of them not using detection pots. as for arena ranks.. in Eu-Emerald rogues CAN'T get arena ranks. the only reason rogues have arena ranks here is because of a monopoly in 2v2-seals and a stupid wl agreement in 5v5 and crucible.. if you think rogues can carry a 5v5 or crucible match you might wanna use your time in other games. 70% speed on rogues doesn't mean much since stun is the name of the game in pvp and arena, whoever stuns first wins in 1v1, whoever have more stuns wins in arena. there's no matter of build in ws. druid and bd can be op even if you give it to a toddler to play it. they have more useful skills than you can fit in your hotbar. resistance is not the way to fix rogues but it's an example of how bad it is that you need to give it resistance to make it viable.. rogues don't need another skill to make 4/4.. if you give a must have 4/4 aoe you won't change much. now you'll have to choose between dodge arena or aoe. rogue needs some skills to be viable at 1/4. so far, extermination-tt-flurry-reflex are garbage skills at 1/4 but really good "on a rogue scale not game scale" at 4/4. as for the pve dps.. ranger is WAYYYYYYY BETTER than hunter's dps. they have their faction passive to give them more damage + blessing that have a chance of doing 2x dmg + point shooting that gives them more dmg + bitterness which gives them speed. not to mention their skills does a godly amount of dmg.. hunters have hp faction passive + combat stance for dmg + mountain instinct for speed + hunter's mark to allow hunters to do more dmg but requires a set up. in conclusion rangers have 4 dmg enhancing skills and better dmging skills compared to hunter's 3.BUT, the 4 skills for ranger are a passive-active-perma-passive. meaning they only need to use 1 skill and some dmging skills, hunters have perma-active-active. using active skills that make the character raises their hands take a longer time to cast, meaning they lose on dps for a while, in long boss fights this could make you lose on dmg. in short rangers are better dmgers. rogues on the other hand.. yeah extermination is the only skill they can use. as for your dagger bow argument.. all hunters and rangers are using cbows in pve. and it does alot more dmg to raid bosses than rogue's daggers.. except elm.
  11. Most well built rogues can tank dgs, but nowadays all classes can tank and solo dgs.. The problem here is gvg.
  12. Sorry to disappoint you but rogues do nothing in gvgs, if they're critical you'll see guilds recruit them instead of replacing them with hunters and chiefs.
  13. Alright let's compare then, a bd hitting naked people can do maybe 2.6k damage, the max pvp damage rogues can do on a naked target is around 1.8k. A 68%speed dodge rogue, may I ask where did you put your other skill points? As I've said like 7 times already, you can't have the stuns and dodge together, you need to give up one for the other which is something I agree with. Bds can be a damage sponge/distraction if we ignore the fact that they have a 9 second true stun and 3 resistance charges backed up by monstrous damage. But as you mentioned it's off topic... As I've mentioned before my rogue is maxed, so the low amped argument doesn't work here, I've seen you do 1.6k damage on a +10 awarded warlock mate. One of the best pvp chars huh, a 1v1 class, when will 1v1s ever be useful in gvgs? gvg is the main reason I made this post and everyone is drifting to 1v1. You're not obligated to fight a rogue 1v1 head on. And you're not obligated to fight anyone 1v1. It's not the main purpose of high level guilds. So I said rogues are the 2nd best class for raid bosses.. Let us see the options we have, hunters, rogues, chiefs, locks. Yeah good luck getting a raid boss with chiefs and locks as your damage dealers. Best in most dgs sure.. Pve so far, good 2v2 and 1v1 sure.. But when will guilds inv rogues for their 1v1/2v2 capabilities? High level guilds care about gvgs more than anything now which rogue has no contribution to. The question everyone is keep asking, why buff rogues.. When +10 rogues gets kicked from a guild and replaced by +8 chiefs there's something wrong with the class. Group fight are THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE GAME RIGHT NOW. You brought up weaknesses, let's talk about that, starting with bd, it's the perfect class with 0 flaws, rangers have melee stun, ranged root, displacement skill and insane damage, druids are gods. So as you see, not every class has a weakness, these 3 chars can be great everywhere, and it so happens all of them can perma stun in 1v1, be great in low scale fights, while being viable in gvgs. Now you said seekers are even worse, pve they're the best of the best no questions asked, nothing can come close to seekers in pve, in 1v1 they can perma stun, in 2v2 they also have a sleep to make the fight 1v2 and have more damage, in gvgs a seeker can move from one corner of the map to the other in 10 seconds without being spotted and setting up a good unity plus the ability to pull key targets like locks and shamans and force them to melee range mid fight. So how is this post about seekers again? They're literally better than their mc counterpart in every. Possible. Way
  14. Ok so that's 3 stuns + sleep + pull for seeker to 2 stuns both of which are on a chance + sleep for rogue. Rangers on eu does kill that easily mate, let's say they're stronger than me, how are they doing 1.5k dmg on my 58% resi shaman partner, or seekers doing 2k dmg on him. Mate can you not teach me how to play my main char? I don't care about 1v1 interactions as I mentioned many times already. Lemme tell you what happens in 2v2, rangers use detection pots, they can use powerful shot or whatever it's called from 7 tiles away then cage and you die. Yeah yeah fight using pvp set.. Like I'm even gonna use pve, again you're mentioning 1v1 interactions, I can deal with that, the post is about gvg. What do you have to say about rogue's viability in gvg?
  15. Not necessarily the best, for raid bosses it's a 2nd option. Best in most dgs. Worst in gvg. Good in 2v2 with the right partner. 1v1 is not even an important aspect of the game. Questing at lvl 32? And so on.. This post is all about viability in gvgs, it's non existant. Says a bd, bro your bd can do 2.5k damage with autos while maintaining 60%resi and high resistance. You even made a video of you one shotting people. As I said before there's no way you can max out all stats for pvp. You have to choose between stuns or dodge. And you can't reach 70% without enchants or books. The *healing stun*requires another skill to get the healing effect, which most people don't even use. As for gouge, I believe I'm the only one on eu to have it at 5/5. Most people have it at 1/5 or 3/5. At 5/5 it lasts 9 seconds. Which is the same duration as bds hamstring and rush, which are stuns not sleep. Meaning you can ham on them for these 9 seconds and them watching. If you say stealth is trash, explain how I outplayed your bd on multiple occasions? Ok now you're basically explaining how I play, I already know all of this but what use difference can all of this make in gvg fights? I didn't say I don't do well in arena I win most of the time except to palas and druids.. But find me a rogue that can do well in gvgs. You play bd like an old man tbh you just rush in with resistance and if that fails you have no back up, dodge rogues eat you it's why you're struggling vs them. But since 2v2 is the subject here I've beaten most if not all the good rogues. Stun build is way superior and the downside of it is 39% max dodge. Imagine a bd saying rogue is broken smh
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