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  1. Пожалуйста, не ослабляйте умение «Удар в спину», добавляйте дальность к этому умению и добавляйте сопротивление к абсолютному рефлексу.
  2. https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/140798-stealth-suggestions-for-rogues-and-seekers/
  3. I firmly agree to this @Lwn ROGUES NEED THE OLD REFLEX BACK.
  4. 1. I don't think a skill can be stupid, unless it offset the balance of the game. And to my analysis I don't see the kick in the back has anything to offer to imbalance the game in raidboss, arena, gvg, scenario. I do agree it's powerful but only in 1v1 scenario. And the devs have agreed that game is not balanced in 1v1 and it will never be. Even in 1v1 rogue is not at top of the food chain. I agree it has moved a lot above it used to be but not anywhere near the #1 position. And for rogue lagging in area damage, area stun and resist isn't not fair to have atleast one strong 1v1 skill which is
  5. Considering 1 vs 1 situation: It is a well known fact that Warspear is not balanced 1vs1. It is evident in the case of druid, shaman, bds etc. So why complain only about rogue?? Even in that case rogue is defeatable by many classes such as druid, bd, priest, mage, shaman I think. So I don't see the point for needing the nerf of kick in the back in 1v1 scenario. Considering arena scenario: KICK IN THE BACK IS NOT AOE OR RANGED. Even if the rogue manages to apply kick in back to one enemy, the other enemy can either control rogue and kill other teammate of ro
  6. I'm extremely sorry bro Snapped a bit when people kept saying rogues over powered when in reality almost all elf can counter it. I'm sorry should have maintained the cool.
  7. I think you play different version of Warspear Do you even compete in high level arena? If you do you will understand what we are trying to say
  8. Before comparing rogue and seeker analyse the support skills both factions have Unfortunately legions do not have pala shield, the several heals of the druid, and now the Templar heal. I hope people make rational analysis with a broader mind view before making confident claims that a class is broken.
  9. Dear Developers, First and foremost congratulations on the recent update. It's really nice to see the game developing towards balance between both factions.Coming to the rogues, the new negative accuracy has given warspear a new dimension I would say. Previously players did not want to invest in accuracy stat, now that's not the case. However rogues might need a ranged control or debuff skill I think. Let me explain. The things Rogues lag are, lack of resistance, areas stun, sufficient damage(when in dodge build, damage build is perfectly well-balanced), and survival (this is due t
  10. I would be equally happy if 'The Mercs' ( even though I'm at war with their guild) or 'Megakr' wins 😍 . But this time I think my friend @TheCaster's video has a slight edge over the other videos. This is my honest and authentic opinion. All the best to all, I'm sure the judges will choose the best one. Even if @TheCaster's video isn't selected as winner it will be the people's champion lol.
  11. I honestly don't know bro, you should ask him that. But as far as I've seen he followed the guidelines, just my humble opinion. Anyways good luck for you.
  12. I'm not supporting @Sai Chandra or something, but I just see he has only pin pointed something, I don't see any judgement here. Everyone can share their opinions on the forum following the community guidelines right?
  13. A friendly PvP of shaman vs Rogue Hope you guys enjoy it🥰 Don't forget to like share and subscribe .
  14. Thats what differentiate hardworkers from lazy players For example One person spends 2 years in game and another person comes 2 months and wants to kill the former player ?? Is that fair for the first player???? Aigrind is just, it rewards the hardworkers.
  15. Lol really? Did u play some other game and commenting here? No rogue can kill a greatness character in just one combination. If your lazy to get greatness gears don't complain about balanced character please. Do you know what is imbalanced? Pala shield which can tank 12k aprox hp. Warden which can don't require a healer to survive. Bd who can deal 1.5k + damage on greatness players and can't be controlled either A druid who is impossible to kill on castle pot.
  16. I would say rogue needs more damage. With the right build even bd will out damage rogue.
  17. The rogue was lagging behind in PvP. And people talked about it long before 8.4 at the Russian community, and I even made a post under suggestions few months before this update. I think suggesting and requesting attention to a matter are far different from absurdly criticising" devs changed after people cried" . Anyway good luck fam, I hope the update will be a win win situation for all.
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