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  1. Goodbye, quitting, leaving, urscrewed, as always.

    clearly you didnt quit lol. but you do make sense , clickbait or not
  2. thanks and sorry for confusion
  3. Do dungeons have a level limit? It is only stated that bosses/mini-bosses have level limitation.
  4. Ayvondil - Boss Locations Guide

    thanks for help !
  5. Ayvondil - Boss Locations Guide

    someone please enlighten me, what are the range of items dropped by the raid bosses like engineer black elm and kronus?
  6. Ayvondil - Boss Locations Guide

    can anyone explain whats the difference between raid boss and normal boss like satraps? is it just that they have massive HP?
  7. auto arena even with offline players

    Judging from the replies, I don't think someof you understand the threadstarter.
  8. need drop

    And pls don't call ppl scrubs when you don't have substantiation.
  9. need drop

    Does gms have char in EU?
  10. Gold guide!

    Could you mark out on the map where the filth mobs are? Thanks. Every where I go the mobs attack in group
  11. Gold guide!

    So at ayvondil you farm mobs and sell items to merchant not second hand dealer? At ilsenort you sell daily quest items to second hand dealer? My dmg right now is 400 in bladedancer, is it enough for ayvondil mobs? or too tough for me? How about the dungeons and labyrinth? are they good for gold?