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  1. Can a dev confirm that it is better to change login to email?
  2. But if i look very strict at the rules. You're not allowed to change your login data :P. Which would mean i'm not allowed to make my email of it instead of numbers ;).
  3. What i'm wondering about for a while now. When people get hacked, devs say the account gets returned to the real owner. They send them an email. But when i first made my account, the login excists only of numbers. I didnt change it since then. With the numbers as login, is it possible then to return my account if i may get hacked (guess it wont happen, but just to be sure) Or did i just dont remember i put my email somewhere when i started playing?
  4. For the most dark def, combine it. Light stuff has more dark def then the heavy stuff. But not all light gear has dark def. Depends on what you want with all the other stats ;)
  5. Or use the 'report bug' function in the game. Or mail to the support team.
  6. Then you didnt dress warm enough ;). But yeah... Then hot choclat with whipped cream afterwards ;)
  7. The good thing sometimes is we can skate on ice ;)
  8. If there where no exceptions it would be much easier to understand and keep to the rules.
  9. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=95788.0 In this thread you find a litte map. In the area between Sun and Moon in the left lower corner, there is Black Seal. If from that area, you cross 1 area right (or 2, both area's have the mobs), you see green mobs. They drop the BG blades. Cresset stones are mostly in corners of the area's, if you are in the cave and you select the quest, you can "see on map" via menu. There you can see in which area's you need to be. Hopefully i helped you a bit further.
  10. Selling or trading account is against the rules.
  11. What is the purpose of it?
  12. Why do melees or other classes need to get no harm at all? Isnt getting harmed not what makes the game a game and not only a click system? A game lets you think about what you do. If you dont lose health, you dont have to think. Then it isnt a game anymore, is it? Edit. Did you count the normal HP regen players have too? A normal (not pro) melee has around 80-100 HP reg. So they dont need life steal alone for counterbalancing the damage mobs do.
  13. Its all about luck. Some people get drops everyday or more often. Others can hunt for 1000 hours and still having nothing (and yeah, i know someone who was that unlukcy). For the lucky ones the droprate is fine the way it is now. Only the unlucky ones....
  14. I'm happy with all i get ;). Better the armor then nothing ;)
  15. The problem seems clear. In a thread on forum you stated that sharing wasnt prohibited. But sharing is the reason the account is blocked. Seems contradictionary.
  16. Sure it drops. But with a very low chance you get something. I got the armor once.
  17. Or the name of the quest isnt 'six shadows' I got the quest in nadir. In the shop in the upper part of nadir. Then you need to do something in dungeons to get the cloak.
  18. Take all items mobs drop and sell them in shop. Or look what the daily (blue) quest are and sell the needed stuff on the market. If you want to be good in this game you have to work for it ;).
  19. Wearing demo suit doesnt mean he can solo all bosses....
  20. I know his name, so i know :P. But others maybe dont know ;)
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