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  1. I have +7 spear and +6 armor with +5 accessory is that enough to kill boss?
  2. I guess I'll just find something to grind for money lol
  3. Well I'm just wondering how I can progress mainly.. I don't remember enough to play my lvl 18 dk so I think I need to remake a character but I wanted to farm out some money to buy equip for it first lol
  4. Hi everyone I'm just coming back to war spear after like 4 years.. I've got a level 18 DK with +7 glaive of sudden doom and +6 HE set for lvl 18. Is this equip still okay? Or should I just start a new character?
  5. I used to play aong time ago... Got a level 18 Death Knight in +6/7 lvl 18 gear. How do I make money?
  6. My main goal os to find a way to efficiently 2H tank as well as a decent sword and board dk, which is the reasoning behind mix set. Im only doing arena for a bit of fun on the side, nothing super serious.
  7. I dont see anyway to increase it past roughly 9.5 without sacrificing set bonuses :/
  8. Okay, so I did some thinking.. As it stands (Mixed 2/2 HE and DD, all +6), I can squueze a bit over 3k (id guess prob around 3.2k) and 7% res. I could, however, trade that 7% for about 520 more PDef. Opinions? I plan on doing a mix of arena (not hardcore 200 ticket per day spams, lol) and PvE. I figure 7% would be enough to allow me a chance in random fights in open world, and do okayish in Arenas. If it matters, I'll be using a +7 Glaive of Sudden Doom.
  9. Thanks, this was insanely helpful :)
  10. Id honestly like to do a bit of both. I went for he since it seemed regen would be pretty nifty to have to help healers out. My main hangup is the choice of weapon really :/
  11. Is there one? Im debating on selling/trading my +7 doom glaive and getting 1h sword to be more of a tank but idk.. Is it possible to tank with 2h? As it stands, I have +7 doom spear +5 HE set (probably going to do 2/2 he dd for bonus) +5 black zealot mantle, solar eclipse ammy, and black zealot rings. Skill build is going to be 5 thorn 5 exhale 5 shield
  12. Level 16 DK atm. Active and a good asset ;) Also, crit enchanting sucks. Idfk how many times ive tried.
  13. Eh, I don't know if it would be that large an increase; regardless, I am only lobbying for an instant apply because more often then not, I'll pull someone only to find myself stunned/otherwise CC'd. If Threads applied the stun, then I'd be happy. Threads does need its cooldown reduced though. 30 seconds is simply far too long, especially since the majority of the classes are ranged. We, as melee, need a way to catch them and them having shorter cooldowns on their cc is mind boggling. Sorry I went off on a tangent here.
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