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  1. next time i wont make posts being drunk :D
  2. Hello players, Lots of people saying that SWIZZBEATT is scammer, lots defending him. He was buying me mcoins for 3days, he totaly ignored me on whatsapp and game. Still havent go the mcoins. Will send more ss from whatsapp. He scammed my ~ 200k, Heroic armor, ice queen 4 rings and amulet. Cant send ss of items, bcuz was giving him using phone which cant do ss. But i will send you guys ss from whatsapp when he ask to give me my stuff for him to sell to take 10% of total for selling it. Got ban bcuz reported for sharing, giving my acc logins to
  3. Anyone selling miracle coins? this dont brake rules? contact me: Healex (elf side) , Become (mc side). paying good.
  4. that guy banned now :facepalm:
  5. How do you think guys, he dont understood me or tried to scamm and went FAIL?
  6. Standing near boss and so hard to help??? :bad:
  7. hello, I want to join ABC guild also, active from 6 to 10hours a day, doing all dailys everyday, love arena fights ;) Nick: Become. Level 20. Age 23 :)
  8. Hiya, I want to join guild ABC, 20lv. Shaman, I'm good at lab and do daily everyday, very active. :good: Im best :blush:
  9. Zurgis, Wolfsight, Candyy, Modexl, Trcastillo from my friend list ;)
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