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  1. It Says Next Week In The Post Fam We'll See What Happens.. I Go Through Level 20 DG So I Never Had Any Problems
  2. My Favorite Event Of The Year.. Dont Have To Drag People Through DG, Beautiful
  3. Yeah Devs, Yall Gotta Do Something About This. He Did The Same Thing Last Season..
  4. Dispense


    My Birthday Is July 6
  5. Damn,, Sucks To See More Old Timers Leave. Good Luck In Life Volex
  6. On Sapphire, MC got outnumbered by elves... It was ridiculous. We got no flags at all. On Emerald, (Like Jigsaw Just Said) 80% on both alliances were defending the banners and the other 20% was attacking. Barely touching the banners. I think this update was a complete fail. :!
  7. Seriously? Bds Can Attack Multiple Targets? The Day That I Quit This Game Is Coming Close Cause Of These Updates. I've Been Playing For 4 Years And This Game Did Not Get Any Better Since Then....
  8. There Are A Few Old Players That Are Still Playing,,I've Been Playing For About 3 Years I Think,, Before Lvls Existed In The Game..
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