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  1. It Has Been About A Week And I Still Can't Play On iOS.. And How Come Warspear Is Not In Apple Store?
  2. Today Is The 17th And Still No Update In Apple Store -.- This Is Taking Too Long..
  3. Im Working On A New Shaman (Dispensex) And Im Wondering What Are The Top 3 Skills I Will Need To Be An Awesome Shaman,, Also, I Wanna Be A Healer..
  4. Chronoz, Taizi(If Anyone Remembers Him) And Legionn
  5. The Story About Me And My Group I Was Lvl 8 At This Time. I Was A Ranger Named MarcMoney. I Had The Greatest Group In The Game(In My Opinion). It Was My Little Brother(Traded Sides For MC) And Jinga(Left The Game) And Dellow(Left The Game Also). We Would Always Help Each Other With Quests. After We All Reached Second Island, Dellow Left The Game For A While(Few Weeks). Me, My Bro And Jinga Moved On Hoping To Help Dellow Later On. His Words Were "We're The Best Team, We Are Brothers." And We Were Like Brothers, Aways Relied On Each Other For Help. After Lvl 14, My Bro Stopped Playing And Joined MC On EU (Killerstar Lvl 17 Barb *Got Hacked* :facepalm: ). Me And Jinga Was Left. We Helped Each Other Until I Left For A Few Days. He Had A Few More XP Left Til 15 While Had About 100 XP Left. He Said "Help Me With My Quests To Reach Lvl 15 And I Promise I Will Help Youu Reach Lvl 16". I Helped Him And 2 Days After, He Haven't Came On Since. I'm Still Waiting For A Friend That Broke A Promise To Come Back On To Show How Much I Trusted Him To Help Me But He Havent Came ON. I Was Waiting For Months For Him To Help Me So I Moved On. Now I Am A Lvl 17 Ranger That Made It By Himself With Dellow( Which Came Back And Is Lvl 16 Without Her Help). Conclusion: Dont Put Your Trust Into A Person Youu Thouqht Was Close To Youu, Because They Might Just Use Youu And Leave. What Happened To My Brother? He Now Has A Lvl 16 Barb On Sapphire Named Shshadow.
  6. Wow... DeathKnight Seems OP :yahoo: :yahoo: Cant Wait Til' Update :yahoo:
  7. Forsaken All The Way! :yahoo: :good: ;D
  8. Koskiller, Dinalt, Analyze and Lilarexii
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