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  1. @Nolan can you help me
  2. I know about the reset but I logged in before the reset and I couldn't get in.
  3. I can't login, internet is working all fine, browser works and I'm posting using the current internet, this keeps showing and I can't get in
  4. first cry about it's damage reduction, then it's aoe damage and now bleeding, i mean wow, is there 0 bds in your server or something? have you seen druid now? oh wait what about mage with nukes at it's disposable 24/7? oh worry now, dk, barb, hunter together will be the part of chief now gzzz
  5. What build would you guys now prefer now since there is a bit more physical damage skills than before and as well rugged hide getting a nerf and being super less tankier than before. Let me know your build for PvE and PvP for physical as well as magical!
  6. And what about the money and time spent on the game? seems like a joke, huh? Especially players in sea pearl, we have it the most toughest than any other server in Warspear.
  7. Make changes to rugged hide mechanism to passive and I will be fine with 20%. And why do you guys keep deleting my comments? Do I not have the right to be mad? What are these absurd changes? Or am I just speaking facts?
  8. You sound literally like the weakest BD I have ever seen in my life. BD in our server, fight vs 8-9 people alone and one shot 3-4 players lmao
  9. When there is no resist and dmg reduction, it's an ant that you can step on and kill without dropping a sweat. There are class that can give stuns after stuns after stuns and you don't wanna talk about those? yeah right.
  10. What? Really? Nerf? You are saying that? LMFAO, NO WAY MAN You are just literally crying now cause your class became shit. Suggesting a Damage Reduction skill for ranger meanwhile asking for Rugged Hide nerf here, absurd and pathetic. You aren't a chief, nor chief is a ranger and it completely works differently being melee and ranged class. I do agree, the only broken thing I find is orci book chief, other than that, it's magic dmg isn't even near to a mage dmg for which some people say that magic chief is similar to mage and the physical dmg isn't even in top 3.
  11. Rangers don't need dmg reduction lol, what kind of army do you want the elf faction to be? full of immortalities? Unkillable?
  13. So I just recently found out that it requires HUGE amount of knowledge to switch between talent tree branch which is ABSURD AF. So I came up with a better suggestion that everyone will love. Since there are 2 skill build available to select. I am suggesting that the new talent tree branch should work individually with each of the skill build. So it should be like this, I selected skill build one and on the talent branch I selected the left tree and it will stay like this for skill build one now when we switch to skill build 2, a different talent tree can be used like the right one or middle. This is called efficiency of the whole class. I am absolutely disappointed that you can't switch talent trees as you will. It feels like the developers restricted our freedom in the game. Also since it does cost huge knowledge I had to come with this idea, another attractive thing would be for developers is to make the cost free for who uses battle pass. People will buy more battle passes. I have 1 PVE build and 1 PVP build but the talent tree I built for is only for PVE which is why I can't take this absurdness. I should be free to change as I will but since that's not looking possible right now. The skill build working individually with different talent tree MUST BE IMPLEMENTED.
  14. I thought it was free to change talent tree branch, I switched to other branch thinking it will just cost 1 knowledge every time you switch but I was left in disappointment when I saw I will need like 14k+ knowledge to switch back. Why? Players spend a lot of damn time in unlocking talents so why the hell they can't change it as they will? And what's this? 2 skill build supported but talent branch remains the same in both skill build? If you made 2 skill builds for efficiency then why not let talent branch work correspondingly with both of the skill build? Skill build 1 is bind to any one of the branch you choose like the left branch and skill build 2 should be able to bind to any talent branch you choose like the right one or middle. It's NOT FAIR AT ALL. You guys really think that gathering 500k-600k knowledge to max a branch is easy? no way man wth, do you know how long it takes and not being able to switch freely as I will because I put my damn time in to unlock IS ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. Now, how does the cost of switching talents work? someone told me it takes 10k but why is it 14k for me?
  15. this is a fact and devs are blind issa fact
  16. Literally all of elf classes need nerf in pve and pvp, Not much of a big nerf but to bring them to equal terms. The unfairness is not hidden to the eyes. We all know what the hell is wrong.
  17. it performs even better than chief, what do you mean I remember a mage taking aggro from boss in spring dynamic quest from me while i was in physical mode.
  18. make mc one next as i don't know the maps of elf
  19. A mage can deal x2 the damage of a chieftain, what do you mean?
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