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  1. It works but only once (1/4) depending on what level your skill is Normally, if there are debuffs on you which are stacked then only some stacks of those debuff will be removed, 1/4 remove 1 debuff, so if you have 10 stacks of bleeding, only 1 stack will be removed and it will be reduced to 9
  2. It's like a skill that gives you buff when you combo different skills together. It's really helpful but honestly 1/4 is better because most of the stats are easy to max out on this class
  3. What kind of build do you follow and why? It would be nice if you could write out the advantages and disadvantages and do some comparison among this 2 build Mainly as I know, Physical Build is dependent on speed build while Magical Build is dependent on cooldown. I would also love to know what build is better in PVP terms keeping in the factor of 1v1 or Vs masses Recently, new talent system was introduced and it is providing an extra skill point, in what skill would you put the point on?
  4. I would honestly love if the dev somehow made a specific amounts of signs needed to amp weapon on each level. Honestly, the amping system is really bollocks, costs you huge amount of gold without a single guarantee, isn't this like a exploitation?
  5. Morelike, I want them to add more story to astral lab. I mean look at new lab, there is barely any story on how the aliens got here, where they came from etc. I think more room levels can be added to new lab, along with new main quest. I think the astral lab and new lab has the potential to create it's own side of story, like the last map from lab would be moon, in there, there will be new bosses and dungeon (I would definitely love lvl 30 version of kronus dungeon equips)
  6. This class is the total of all classes from legion and sentinel faction :p
  7. I agree adding knowledge to arena
  8. Noobs leave the server, we have been in this barren land and playing for over years.
  9. Sea Pearl is for Pro Players
  10. can I see your build in the warspear calculator?
  11. thanks alot bro. do you recommend cd pvp set for warlock?
  12. Can you recommend relics as well?
  13. You can reach +10 on sea pearl with like 50 sets xD
  14. too bad, we don't have much active players for mermen dungeon. we even have the sea castle, yet very little people spams on it. won't be long before the castle goes back to the elf
  15. at least we don't work our ass off everyday, we can chill most of them time
  16. Need help in building a pvp warlock and honestly I have no idea how warlocks work with their skill, what I am looking for is a warlock who can stop masses of enemies in their track,
  17. all other servers are noob, come to sea pearl to taste the real game.
  18. Ahmed Didar


    The only solution is if they don't ban, keep using it also use it yourself too, I never bought mcoins in my life but someone getting x2 faster amps cuz he can get x2 mcoins while I spent a bullshit amount of years to get to that is definitely unfair.
  19. If you are dealing with pvp based character while you are pve you are supposed to take a beating anywhere. Invest in resistance stats maybe? There is only one way it can deal huge damage and that's by getting high % of critical stat otherwise it's shit
  20. definitely need a dd character like bd in here
  21. I won like 3-4 set stam and 5 set signs, thanks
  22. and? it's just few periods of a time. practice your timing
  23. clearly you haven't seen a druid in action
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