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  1. They are developers, they can technically gift themselves +10 weapons or the players on test server to hasten the process, how hard is that? As I said, there are PLENTY of mmorpg who introduces updates every week, I don't see what's so hard for a 2D game. A game is a game and it doesn't make any difference between any other. If they are earning money to live by then they should as well care for the player base. They shouldn't even make new class without balancing the current ones. that will just add another hassle to their list of unbalances. Well they don't do that, do they?
  2. it certainly did for the elves, all these years and they can't buff the survivability of warlock and introduce a deadly class like templar who can use heavy armour, shield and also skills on par with lock and even better. they honestly don't balance any side correctly enough, There is whole lot of mmorpg games out, trust me it's never this bad like ws, this game has been running for years, what are they doing with balances in a year? they should balance it every week, they are getting paid anyways cuz the people who puts money in this game, puts a lot of money.
  3. it can't with such classes we have, show me a good aoe class who can crowd control well, locks? no please. the elf side received a similar class who can at least keep himself alive in pvp even in 2vs1, it got really good support abilities and capable of aoe silence, it can use heavy armour while our lock can use cloth, there is a huge gap in this, the heavy armour can sustain heavy dmg as well which in case for lock, doesn't look so good as it's the only class who crowd control well enough, mean while it's only templar who can do such stuff, there is paladin, druid, what more do you want me to say? these aren't baseless claims, in a server like sea where people is low, a druid can keep a pt asleep there which is a significant loss in the side of legion in my case, it's not only sea server, this single aoe class overpowers overall mc, again, legion received several nerfs cuz these elves were actually getting killed by 1 class with specific builds, cool, the nerf hammer, meanwhile their druid had been doing that for years, it can perma sleep your pt without orcinus book, wow
  4. the more powerful a side is, the more people will invest in that side, basically what sea server is
  5. Devs favor elf side, i mean it has been going on for years
  6. it is true if it's 1vs1 but vs 2 or more seekers is horrible, moreover being high dps class, seeker's net skill has the ability to bind you and not use skills for certain time, while chieftain's thrashing doesn't do that, being melee damager that's -1 for chief and seekers are invisible, i get it you can aoe to sniff them out but hey they just stand there until my skill goes into reloading, guess what, i have 50%+ cd but one net skill silence me, i am not being able to see where they attack from (not limited to detection pot* but not everyone can buy them all the time. there comes their shield skill which provides some immortality for some time not more op than hide but that's good enough for a dps to heal back with high dmg in time.
  7. There is literally no way to kill druid who has castle heal pot + 5 heal skills with +3 druid skill minion,
  8. yes the druid is the only class cloth class who is immortal, why is that?
  9. if i didn't use it, surely i won't on be on the warspear forums under the class section of wd guide trying to tell you that it didn't work. why it didn't work? simply because it had mermen on and the op block skill which don't let them die, haha, tanking pvp with pve, pretty cool devs
  10. it didn't even use pvp gears nerf pve yeah i see, what's my problem is, my physical defense is around 3.3k while i am pretty sure a seeker pene stats are usually 30%+ with mermen but still isn't this an exploit? using pve weapons to kill pvp? where i have heard that +5 pvp gears can save you even from +10 pve gears users, why is this opposite in this case? not only this, i think nearly all high speed class can kill cloth geared pvp users easily. in that case where is the justice of it? i grinded hours after hours on arena just to be killed by a high dps class who is using pve?
  11. surely not, i am chieftain, i have full greatness set tho not +10 but +8 i think it's decent enough but seekers with pve spring daggers literally kill me like some dummy, if a +10 pve dagger can let them kill a pvp gear user, why is there even arena?
  12. and people say wd is weak, they can tank pvp with pve gears. yet elf cry for charmer, chieftain devs are just bunch of fools working for 1 side of the game so they can loot money
  13. Can you imagine a PvE user +10 with 70% speed and high af dmg can kill you even while using pvp set? wtf is that? Seekers are using pve gears and kill me like some dummy, seriously? PvE weapons kill a PvP gear player? I don't even know what the devs are doing but this thing is literally shit
  14. Tell me you are going to fix the new melee craft lvl 26 1 handed magic maces cd stats
  15. VERY BAD DROP RATES LIKE REALLY BAD BRO, ALMOST IN EVERY SERVER, i just quit spamming dg anymore, it sucks so bad
  16. balance? yeah i don't wanna talk about elf side being op af for several years due their crazy dmg
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