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  1. Ancestor's hand is pretty much the same as banned
  2. To avoid that, most costume won't give any advantage over any other costume type. Just a little stat boost or buff. It could be HP boost, Mana boost etc, MC store costume should have them, so that people will buy more costumes
  3. As the heading suggests, I think it would be fun to add some attributes to costumes. Attributes will differ from each costumes. I'm blank xD, someone add some attribute ideas.
  4. Add some kawaii anime songs when battling XD Or, they should put up a Warspear online game radio lol
  5. Just disable the elf mobility attributes during merman trial, easy enough
  6. Or how about a global arena system, it will contain unique rewards which can be only dropped from this arena system, while keeping regional arena system for getting the regular arena stuff
  7. I'd suggest that skills will be reusable in 10/20 secs when any player from both sides gets to the place of regalia crown
  8. Need a high level but affordable build with skill build included. Please suggest lvl 20 build first then lvl 30/32 Thanks
  9. Bring 5-15 wardens to war, mc losses Seeker having fast running skill (forgot name) + sea fast walk equip + rat minion with speed run buff, win 1st stage of merman trial without any trouble ( this is quite a system failure here, since no mc character can't outdo seeker running speed) I don't know what to say man, all I would say is life on sea pearl is hard like no other
  10. Please add log system to castle storage. You can't even identify who takes your crafted products.
  11. Looking for the best guide of nadir mythical and merman dungeon for fastest completion with MC side.
  12. Which of the items gives all of craft resources in 3 of the achievements. Need names of such items or ss
  13. I'm Snorlar, he uttered the words before taking over the throne of Demonologist, in front of the thousand warriors who came to kill the magician of hell. Snorlar is the student of volcano and apparently Demonologist was a friend of Volcano, as he grew up he became fed up with how the warriors of both sides are getting powerful and gaining knowledge as time passes by. As Volcano was defeated, he couldn't take it anymore. Snorlar took an oath to keep coming back to Arinar and take his revenge for killing his master, Volcano. As time passed
  14. Of course what you said is true but having a huge CD will help you constantly use blood protection skill even if it has low duration. Which gives you 50% less damage every time, while that takes damages, you got HP regeneration skill. Well now you need gears to focus on HP regeneration. Hopefully enough to counter the damage and regain that in short time. It's true it would be cool for damage type but I think it can tank too while having survivability.
  15. Yeah, I use a dispelling relic, actually the warden is my friend. Just a friendly match.
  16. You can kill wardens using AoE skills easily just want it to be faster. I need suggestions for that.
  17. What would be the best way to kill a warden using Dark Knights on 1vs1?
  18. I was thinking, can we counter these nerfs for Blood protection and secret reserves using light armour and accesories which has CD stats!?
  19. This is more like a necro skill to be honest.
  20. The avengers way too hard, what kind of stats do the Dark Knights need to survive it's heavy damages? Lack of players on mc in sea makes it damn too hard to beat it.
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