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  1. Is there going to be a limit for how many classless books you can have in total? And according to the vids, you can have up to 15 classless books active at the same time alongside with all expert skills correct?
  2. I agree. I have been playing chieftain since it was released and have tested a lot of different builds with it but i have been unable to make curse of the plague work in any way or form in pretty much any area of the game other than being 1 more AoE in mass fights at GvGs or such where there are enemies in its path and even there, you are better off with other skills leveled. The damage is ridiculously low and the debuff chance is low and does not even last very long. Even with a full magic build it barely does any dmg and especially in PvP, it just tickles your enemy. It is simply not possible to make this skill work, you can use the skill and hope your enemy for some reason decides to move backwards along it so it can do some dmg but its not very realistic. And even if you somehow get it to hit your enemy like 4 times, it is still only 180% magic dmg at 4/4 (45%x4) which is less than 1 hit from a 5/5 blow of the spirits for a comparison. It does significantly less dmg than other AoE skills of the class, eagle eye and swooping army while the dmg from those can be easily applied to enemies. So yeah this skill does deserve to be looked into to be improved. As for your suggestions, personally i like the last one (Chieftain's wrath) because with magic builds, single target dmg is really low in PvE and in PvP it could open some options on how to build the character. In my opinion it does not need the dmg bonus while under control effect, but instead the base dmg could be higher considering the long cooldown time (compare to blow of the spirits which does roughly 200% of your magic dmg and has a very short cooldown). Also as an addition it could perhaps apply some negative effect like bleeding or slowing? Although i also like the rework idea of making it cause overtime dmg/effect to the enemy. This would be useful for building up single target dmg in PvE while taking out the possibility for a higher burst dmg in PvP with magic focused builds, which could potentially be overpowered considering how tanky/hard to kill a chieftain with high magic dmg in PvP can be due to high heals, so having a very good survivability with good burst dmg could be little overkill.
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