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  1. Ridicculus calculation,wrong and incorect . Ur rogue none buff guild , go try on LV 12 guild full buff
  2. Talkin about bug that already fixed. Don't come here if u cant explaine well about topic discussion.
  3. Fast combo? Lol seeker fast because they equipment. Thing equipment they use too . And Rogue have 1 stun combo too . Make sense now? How about seeker lose their 70% hp ? Fair isn't it Dont tell me u scared with 1.5k hp player 😁😁😁
  4. With seeker +10 greatness too why not. A dps kill a warlock is easy thing. U need to compare all equip , stats both player . Before judging. Book ITS different thing bro. Don't make a thing .rare book is not easy thing to get . And we need to pay alot for that.
  5. its impossible. dont make me laugh dude. 2 greatness vs 1 pve? imagine how many dmg the seeker inflict in you. even seeker has high dmg as pve. i challenge you. record that issue then send video here . ty
  6. 0 bar hp it mean die bro!! what u mean with 0 hp bar is not possible. give video prof. if it really happen maybe its a bug. so far i never see like that, including my experience.
  7. 40% dmg is from skill, not from this talent ,we got 40% dmg,because we make it inner rage 4/4(max).if we make it 1/4 then we got only 10% dmg. so its depend how many level we make the skill up. and u talk about second chance? rogue do worst than seeker, when rogue hit first. 1 combo done. no second chance too for seeker. its depend how style u play.
  8. dissagree about this report,, i see some information that fake and not exist in seeker mecanic.
  9. seeker lose 70% hp max amount. it mean we got easily die. and healing reduce to 50% . low hp low healing.. this talent is not broke.
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