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  1. my guild members needed to leave guild coz their clients crash when they're member of a guild. ANDROID CLIENT BUGGED!
  2. thats sad. maybe u can buy it from the guild owner atm. pay the amount he used to create the guild ;D negotiation
  3. where r the long hair pics and the 23 piercings (idk if i remember the count right) :rofl: ure still kalbo. :aggressive:
  4. :facepalm: he is a scammer. a few ppl told me theyre victims as well. Roguekillz also scammed +9 rondel of doom of Cutexshop. :facepalm:
  5. be cautious in downloading the 3.5 version for android from not official w.s download site. it might contain keyloggers. lol hopefully not.
  6. mixed channel, some of my own songs and ws videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/Keizshaa
  7. :good: you are if you wont die in 5 secs on each of your char
  8. :wacko: how many days have you been level6?
  9. pops doesnt have a permanent party tho. he choose randoms. lol. but for me his team is better. they dont rely on aoe's and warlocks to win
  10. as if i dont know who she is . lol too obvious ;D bulugan, jetajeta din minsan a anyways time to sleep. and heeeyyyai whatsapp O:-)
  11. items are from my sis ;) :shok:
  12. lmao i was about to say that :rofl: or maybe of that girl slave from the land of smelly ...;;;s :shok: and yea duane gotta admit urs is bigger :cray: anyways, for the collection.... :blush:
  13. mercuriall + emild in party chat = gay chat :lol:
  14. welcome to ws forum and game. need help on quest or anything, pm me on keizsha ;D
  15. lol til now? :lol: i gave u the other one already. lol,
  16. i see words like that evryday when im in party with pvpshaman :lol:
  17. :unknw: :wacko: :facepalm: :fool: :mega_shok:
  18. this is impossible unless someone or something attacked him. necro only wont be able to heal or shield on hp less than their hp casting cost. they wont ever die coz of healing or shield unless something attacked them.
  19. new background image for title screen weee :yahoo:
  20. :yahoo: luck before server down
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