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  1. lucky team of shadow questors. my necro is just there to help with healing :blush: but i guess i wasnt really needed.
  2. ;D got my first account back from support. i love ws tech team :give_rose: :yahoo:
  3. 227 damage = fluguy 406 damage = deatknight :facepalm: and he logs off after 2-2 score. sad. he keeps saying dc. lmfao
  4. my friend is asking if there is a chance to get the account unblocked and how..
  5. :wacko: so king orin was the first forsaken. the only named character mentioned other than the Gods is the king of forsaken. or i missed all other names? the Nameless wasnt mentioned :cray:
  6. its really annoying seeing alliance chat get spammed by annoying posts. we got people ignored already but we can still see their post in alliance chat. PLEASE MAKE THE "IGNORED LIST" WORK ON ALL CHATS. PLEASE :facepalm:
  7. :facepalm: in a pt with them. just kicked olum coz he was off edit: olum logs back on and yelled at alliance coz he got kicked off party :rofl: :rofl:
  8. woot. fast reply. thank you sir, ill inform him :give_rose:
  9. im posting here because a friend asked me to, he wanted to know why his account/character Crosspy got blocked. he said he sent email for more than a month now and still no reply from support. will any dev please just tell them the reason, because he is really confused why his account got blocked.
  10. :unknw: and i thought it was so hard to pass elf side caravans. the day she receives the quest is the day she finishes it :blush:
  11. well good for you then. just pm me if u decided to be on mc side. i guess i can run u through map 1.i just dont like too much afk'ng on questor. it gets me bored :wacko:
  12. if u decided on mcsaken, i can help u on bosses. well, i only help strangers with bosses, but if my friends need, i help them to go thru map1 as fast as possible.
  13. lol suggestion copied from tibiame? :wacko:
  14. my memory is as faint ;D i remember a quest that needs taking something from a chest inside a cave or room with mobs inside. :unknw: i wish i dint confuse it with tibiame's saphira island :wacko: edit: this one is what i was talking about :lol:
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