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  1. Lmfao, um...news flash, were still happily together. good efforts tho. :clapping: :rofl: P.S love u baby! :give_rose:
  2. lol you should get ur eyes checked...far from fat, and wtf is smail :rofl:
  3. Lol yup last time I checked im still +10 and Keiz n I are still together lol... :rofl: Love u babe. :give_rose:
  4. Thanks for the fast action dev. please close this topic. hungry vultures that cant move on are on it as usual :lol:
  5. Devs, I told Slayerjr to stop harrassing my gf keiz with sexual content, but he still continued...Totatally inappropriate. Could you please do something. Thanks Devs.
  6. The game client randomly crashes..Guild chat does not show up while in guild chat menu. Upon crashing, while reloading.... the screen sometimes goes black and stays. Rebooting phone fixes this but very annoying. I currently am using Android Panctech Discovery. Never had issues until I,updated new client 3.5.0.
  7. I just got home from work and can't connect, how long has the game been down? :mega_shok:
  8. Dev's, can we have our Guild name displayed under our names please. That way we can see who is from what Guild.
  9. Aww, c'mon guys, kerns my homie. Why does everyone confuse ganking with playing by the rules? We treat all elf equal. Yes true his vocabulary is quite colorful, on the other hand, people usually pop off a comment first which ignites words. Honestly, 99.9% of the time I, myself, don't even look at the names I'm aiming at. (I see red names.) Then carnage begins. If people want to pvp solo, then ask Dev's to create a /Duel Challenge command which will send the other person a message which will tell that person they have been challenged to a Duel. Then He/She can choose to accept or decline the Duel. *Also* if everyone really wants (PvP) Cave to stay (PvP then make the cave Neutral. That way when people enter no one can attack unless they challenge another to a Duel.
  10. for one thing a lvl 13 lock can not kill a 20 unless that 20 is wearing no gear or has no clue how to play. Secondly, a lvl 13 lock will have low ass HP so a lvl 20 can easily one shot if not, two shot him. And third, life exhaust was already gimp to begin with....3 tics really? Life exhaust tic should last according to how many points u put in it. I do agree on fear tho, its a bit OP. On the other hand, so is rangers doiblecrit shot!!! Way more OP than locks. And why would u want to increase BD's hamstring? It can already affect u at 7 characters away. Almost same as a rangers arrow lol. MAGES need more love I think. Focus on them.
  11. Pvprange, I must admit bro your arrows really hurt. And yes I have lost to u. *BUT* your missing all the screen shots from when I won against u2 lol.
  12. Each class has skills to benifit them. Increasing cooldown timer would only decrease warlocks survival rate. I'm sure Dev's new what they were doing when they made new classes. I've been killed by druids before, so the timer is not the problem. Ask other druids who have killed locks for tips.
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