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  1. it's okey if he never join us, i won't be a problem for us ;)
  2. The guild of course has his leader, every guild have their leader.. but EAS have 1 leader, i will organize all of guild under same organization called EAS.
  3. if u have guild.. please ask ur guild leader pm me.. soon everyone guild message will be function for EAS activity..
  4. EAS - Emerald All Stars Hello everyone, just a little flash back from who we are long time ago (before the guild update) . We are know the most organize server, and yes we cannot denied it. An idea is coming towards my head on how to bring back the old us, i have to admit that i am really miss the old us, feel like only in my guild is my friends. so now i make a community or organization called EAS - Emerald All Stars that open for all guild in MCSAKEN that want to join the organization. Our guild might be different, but if you join this Organization we are become ONE. To be more simple its like Europe calling ONE name but contain many Country. If there is anyone interested joining EAS , ask your guild leader to pm me ingame "Akemichi" or inbox here. Current EAS member: update (26/12/2013) Guild Name : Leader 1 ) KaizeN : Akemichi 2 ) DreamEater : Vheal You will see the guild description have a tag of "EAS" As EAS member i will arrange activity soon such as Town Rider, War, Gathering, Photo Shoot, Arena 5x5 and much more. MESSAGE FROM ME : WE MIGHT BE DIFFERENT BUT IN OTHER VIEW WE ARE ONE i will update this post soon with EAS logo
  5. Upper is Before Down is After
  6. Here some front,back,left and right :)
  7. i hope the date for max 30 level and new guild quest for guild level up is coming in different date.. example they update guild first so everyone focus on guild.. and second they update level cap.. hoping all of this come in 2 phase.. otherwise if this two.release in same date.. it will be chaos.. to much to.concentrate.. just an opinion..
  8. no more secret between us.. :rofl:
  9. yea u genius... hahahaha.. what mobile u use bia?
  10. our kaizen member sebyxbaby said there is no guild in all server except kaizenclan.. that mean russia server still havent guild yet.. please update here if there is any guild created..
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