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  1. I need some help. I am almost a level 6, but am stuck at a task trying to get glass fragments. It's sad a have a actual boyfriend on here, level 17 but wont help me. So, if anyone wants to take his place and help me get past this level, please do. thanks Lori
  2. Flirting in a classy way, is so much more smoother than something cheesy. So, keep the compliments coming, they make a woman feel good, no matter what she says!
  3. Thanks my Amiga, good luck girl....say hi if you see me playing!
  4. U lost me....I'm a blonde, sorry...lol.
  5. Very cute...but the real stones are much larger...lol. Still, looking for any guidence my new friend. Thanks!
  6. Im sure you're adorable, but im 30 years old sweetheart! Definately stick with Amiga, shes adorable as well! But we can be buddies, and you can help guide me if needed...good enough? Your much older friend, Lori
  7. Would never ever post anything similiar or to the likes nudity or of graphic in bad taste! So, don't even ask, or i'll report you myself...lol. Thanks, Lori XSweetTart
  8. Hi Amiga, thanks for your response. You are beautiful as well! Where are you located? Us chicks have to stick together on here!!! And of course the good guys who help us out!!!! Im on the U.S. Sapphire server. I go by XSweetTart and am a death knight, level 5. Starting at da bottom... now im here...lol. Well, not even close to "here"...lol. Your new friend, Lori XSweetTart
  9. :friends: New, but kind of have help. Still confusing, so I'll need all the help I can get if we friend each other and you're around. Thanks Lori
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