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  1. More you ask?, whats that his fifth account?
  2. Its easy to run and kite a, Non healing class. Lets see these few pxitures of when he thought he could win
  3. R0land when will prize change for guild tournament if it stays the same, there will be no rarity. Every guild will have the costume. It'll make guilds who have already won, feel worthless because everyone will be walking around with the Gladiator Suit...
  4. Thanks Pliskin aka Chris #2 :blush: Never would have done it without cha
  5. :nea: read bottom to top sorry
  6. I'd so wear this costume you did awsome!
  7. Nastyburp

    wtf gm

    I died at eye earlier because of this lag :facepalm:
  8. When we died two of us came back and farmed AA we were only umad because we killed you :blush:
  9. I Am First Original Chris lets check each others profile dates >:D
  10. Are you sick in the head i dnt even think we had 5 we had 4 LOL Godsmage(me 8) ) Xdutchero Looneybinx n forgot ranger name
  11. Lol just saying i've played longer than you and i haven't bought coins in about 1-2years and im still successful. About the comment " Im the originalGods of warspear " everyone knows what the truth i. I literally just saw thus topic and realized you a liar trying to apologize and then talk pure bullshit when im not aware of it pfft. Pathetic ill send a ss of my info when Ibuy my labtop battery. You're very very sad :facepalm:
  12. It was 20v5 and only 2 of us died 8)
  13. Then I torture his pathetic soul for eternity. :friends: :aggressive:"Hey stop hogging the beer."
  14. *Does supe ultra trple besty kick and knocks gun out into the air* *stares at you with an evil glare* "Hmph you're to slow!"
  15. shouldnt take part so you have more of a winning chance :spiteful: I see what your trying to do, Trying to get ppl to stop so u have a higher chance of winning eh?
  16. I saw Tweekx thats it other all nonamers
  17. my story took 12 hrs, and when they updated rules to 4000 charactets with space i did aloooot of editing and it made my story from wow to .... If i knew some winners were over 40000 my 6700 charcter could've possibly won. But geez not even a encouring prize. I read your story btw was wonderful. I think these contests are a waste of my time but ugh whatever Good stories to people who won
  18. You're dilusional, its sad you gotta lie we never pvped and of we did we'd all know whod win. So you better go ask your mom for some more coins cause ur gonna need +9 to beat me.Oh Yesh btw my friend told me your also trying copy my GOD status and he cursed you out. like why do people like you and Godsrange wanna be a Gods2.0? Youll never EVER be the original why wont you both get that? Ever. As i said before your dillusional only time you beat one of my accs was my mage who had lvl 9-12 gear yet you brag about it like you beat a +10 trying beating my mage with ur rogue now n watch what a real GOD status is like noob Im done here
  19. Sorry i was Stoned out of my mind. I nearly cried when i saw this :rofl:
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