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  1. : just curious but are bongtoke and doc considered strong? Because i raped bongtoke even with him being the agressor and as for doc i beat him in a fair pvp easy
  2. Cry about getting ganked? No i sit and talk shit of how weak you are common sense would tell you if I really cared about being "ganked" i would sit there day after day and constantly bring the druid TO get raped by 5 people lol
  3. Thefaa

    wtf gm

    Look the lag is ducking ridiculous man, i log on running through the world and bam lag now the mobs around me kill me damaging my items or ruining my eye farm which takes 20—30 min to run and hardly ever drops all this work all this time spent waiting for a drop man.... I have respect for what you guys do no doubt its not easy but have the same respect man get your shit together duck its so frustrating to reach eye and die not due to lack of skill but a simple lag and alot of players will agree with me
  4. Pvp=player(s) vs player(s) pve=player(s) vs Environment now lets start with a simple example most of you idiots could understand, who in the history of warspear has soloed eye? Or exe or even the simplest boss in lab herald? Its ok ill wait? Now alot of you complian about other players ganking well the fact of the matter is once you reach island two you are in a mass pvp zone a player can be attacked any where at anytime by the opposing faction. There are three places in warspear that this is not so. Kota zenith and nadir.. Now you see alot of weak players cry when a team or group kills them while questing perfect example would be rokzz in my eyes this player is doing what he is supposed to do in a pvp Zone now please answer when a group of elf go attack a group of mc what do we consider this? Who are we to designate specific locations topvp such as pvp cave or pvp nadir? You see a 1v1.fight That is mutual is considered a duel such as players going arena . A fight amongst players in a zone for killing is pvp refer to several MMORPG games wow has dev designated areas old republic has dev designated areas also both games have duel options where a player can request a 1v1 fight in game... So now to all thé weak ass players who cry gank if you dont want pvp just go back to island one
  5. its ironic that your little side note says"with great power comes great responsibility" damn irresponsible warlocks
  6. Thefaa

    server down

    So what's the deal? This is like the fourth time in a week that the servers have stopped working... Did I miss something? Did the memo get lost in the mail?
  7. So when you study a guild skill such as def increase does every guild member get the bonus or only heirs and leaders.. Ive had several guild members ask me and im honestly not sure any information is appreciated
  8. Lol what does this prove? I see multiple players saying"Farm dinalt" everyday does this make them the same char. How do we know you aint the scammer trying to set up an honest player by taking a screenshot of your own post? More proof please
  9. Thefaa


    depends..... What kinda cookie we talking here? A warm fresh out thé oven cookie or..... Two day old cookie prepared by Americas Prisoners in a.prison Kitchen somewhere
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