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  1. When will these topics stop? this game requires no skill, at least not anymore. there are no ''Pro's'' there are only high amped people.
  2. When will this map be gone? ohwait, devs rarely listen to us. nvm
  3. Maybe they can go to pvpcave without getting raped because people LIKE them? Think about it.
  4. Lol, this list doesn't mean much. The most popular players are on it hehe. And some quit or rarely play.
  5. Yay Werewolfs are 3k CC, My old wolf costume will still be rare (a bit less but it's ok lol)
  6. Lordsmen Zeusxelie Palladio Itachfire Pintev
  7. Times were better when there was no amp system, there... you did rely on skill.
  8. Where are my signs Brandon haha no but seriously.. new players these days are all just looking at the dmg. If i would have 1dmg extra then someone else I'd immediately be better in their eyes.
  9. DutchHero


    So you create a thread where you complain about gankers, but after that you tell us that you like being ganked? makes sence.
  10. Seems like everybody loves snipe lol.
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