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  1. yes i agree, The info should like leveling guild's skill.
  2. MR X

    Shield Strike

    1st. New barbarian skill, we need use shield. 2nd. Most chance of stun fail and bad stun ever i see then charge 3rd. Stun just 1 second :facepalm: 4th. Cooldown to long ,, hah, 30 sec :facepalm: 5th. Every up the point's skill just improve damage. wut da hell!?!?!? :facepalm: 6th. Gimme a break :facepalm: barbarian need real skill. Not this one . :facepalm: and until now, taunt's effect on warcry never fix :facepalm: . plz make cooldown to be short/chance stun high/increase stun duration :facepalm: . if you want barbarian as this, change descreption ... to
  3. So, we need use shield to use this skill? T.T and please fix "taunt's effect" in warcry. it's not really work altough 4/4.
  4. Let me tell something Its correct stat, remember every type! Gray = Normal Gear Green = Magic Gear, +1 level Blue = Unique Gear, +2 level Violet = Epic Gear, +3 level Red = Heroic Gear, +3 level with special bonus Cloak of the Conquer => Normal Gear Just check the color
  5. MR X

    3.11 Bug Report

    I hope this is bug on old ring grey (about the point number)
  6. Congrat, we have winner . http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=100747.0
  7. so, are you change stat health regen, attack speed and pentration in this amulet?
  8. MR X

    Chosen guide

    Like up's one, what I said.
  9. MR X

    Chosen guide

    can I call u friend?
  10. MR X

    Chosen guide

    I try your guide, but ... 1. No Money 2. No friend/helper 3. No friend/helper and no money 4. Tired cuz there is no friend/helper and No money 5. My life in chosen . . . dumbass I'm not luck Now, I'm trying to play elf, m.c or forsaken. I don't need to buy novice, pots, etc and there are many players who want help me.
  11. MR X

    Bug spotted?

  12. I'm doubt with this one
  13. Thanks, but mr.snorlaxx ever say in : http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=53492.msg181571#msg181571 This is new one: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=100124.0 and I still doubt with fail amplify to +1 and a ppl say he lose item in: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=51553.0. But I never lose my item from +0 to +1
  14. oh, I think it's work to reduce block and parry percentage. Thanks for information. But it's really sad if just work to reduce dodge percentage. Rogue and ranger will sad and b.d will happy.. .Thank you for your submission. I will add soon.
  15. thanks for information Thanks. I wanna tell amplification too. But, amplification guide is really simple and just chance of luck.
  16. GUIDE UPDATE! What's new? (Click spoiler) 02-04-2014 -Change any detail that include 3.11 update 01-30-2014 -Add "Experiance stat" in Attribute (General) -Fix Kind of rune's definition -Fix some detail -Add new content Note: Possible, this guide will change again after update 3.11 01-29-2014 -Add "External Stat" in point "A" -Some change detail which following update (as info that I know from warspear news) Note: Possible, this guide will change again after update 3.11 Hello guys ... Today, I wanna tell you guide and tips about enchant gear/equipment and amplify. But before I tell you about enchant and amplify guide, I wanna tell you about attribute. ________________ A. Attributes ________________ Attributes always called stat of character. Frist, you need know this, before enchant your equipment with rune and crystall. How to check/see our attributes? 1. Go to 'Menu' 2. Click 'Character' 3. Click 'All Attributes' You will see: 1. Attributes (Attack) Physical Power Physical damage, for Bladedancer, ranger, rogue, paladin, barbarian and deathknight. Magic Power Magic damage, for warlock, deathknight, necromancer, priest, mage, paladin, shaman and druid Note: - For all healer class, it's will increase your heal of your healing skill. - For paladin, it's not just for healing, but increase their poison on "puryfing" when enemy receive "fetter of justice" effect. - For deathknight, it's increase damage of "Exhalation of Darkness" skill. Damage Per Second (DPS) Total of your power, but in one second and also to know how speed of your attack. Critical Hit Every percentage improve chance luck of double damage. Accuracy Every percentage reduce chance luck enemy's dodge. Attack speed Every percentage improve speed your attack or reduce delay of swing speed on the weapon. Swing speed : Speed of your weapon 1 handed sword = 2.0 second 1 handed Axe = 2.2 second 1 handed mace = 2.4 second Dagger = 1.7 second 2 handed sword = 3.2 second 2 handed axe = 3.2 second 2 handed mace = 3.2 second spear = 3.4 second bow = 2.8 second crossbow = 3.3 second staff = 3.1 second Note: the sooner swing of weapon = the less damage of the weapon Penetration Every percentage reduce enemy defense and magic defense. Cooldown Skill Reduce duration of skill's cooldown time by the specified percentage. This attribute just appear on magic class's equipment. 2. Attributes (State) Health Total of your blood. Heal Regen it's will help you to recharger your health which disappear every 5 second. Energy Total of your Mana. Energy Regeneration it's will help you to recharger your energy which disappear every 5 second. Experience Point to know as long as leveling up. Seeker's Stamina To know how many stamina that you have, to enter or refresh timer in the dungeon/instance. Max. seeker's stamina is 5. Free stamina can got every 8 hours. 3. Attributes (Defence) Physical Defence Every percentage, protect you from enemy's who have physical power. Magic Defence Every percentage, protect you from enemy's who have magic power. Dodge Every percentage increase chance luck to evade enemies attack. Dodge work for All class. Parry Every percentage increase chance luck to evade enemy with melee attack. Parry work for all class. P.S Parry's chance is bigger than dodge Block Every percentage increase chance luck to evade enemies attack. Block just work when using shield(tanker class). P.S block's chance bigger than dodge and parry) Resiliance Its will increase all of element defense, reduce critical chance's enemy and reduce critical damage enemy's. but it's just work when you fight with enemy's player (in arena and PvP area). Life Steal Add extra heal regen by some percentage of damage from attack or skills. _____________________ B.Enchant Guide _____________________ Next, I will tell you about enchant. Enchant is way to improve your attibute/stat on your gear/equipment with rune and crystall. Now, how to enchant our gear/equipment? Before enchant, you should have crystall or rune. How can I get crystall or rune? you can get it from: - Miracle shop (following by equipment level) - Suprise Chest (All crystall or rune from miracle shop) - Daily quest in norlant (Level 16 rune or crystall) - Hunting Animated Armour, Sanctuary Hall, iresnort (Level 13-14 rune or crystall) - Daily Mentor Gift (Go to: Menu -> Miracle Shop -> My Gift) (Level 13-14 rune or crystall) - Dungeon/Instance (in next update) Note: crystall from miracle shop probability give great charms that give +3 bonus from level of your equipment. After you have it, follow the step. 1. Go to 'menu' 2. Click 'character' 3. Click 'bag' 4. click rune or crystall you have 5. After click, go to 'menu' 6. Click 'use' 7. At the last, choose one gear that you want to enchant. _____________________________________________________________ C.Name of kind runes and crystalls and definition _____________________________________________________________ Crystall 1. Deadliness = Increase critical hit's percentage (for cloak, belt, amulet) 2. Harmony = Increase mana regeneration point (for ring and belt) 3. Wisdom = Increase mana point (for cloak, helmet, armor) 4. Accurancy = Increase accurancy's percentage (for helmet, shield, gloves, amulet) 5. Dexterity = Increase attack speed's percentage(for armor, boots, gloves) 6. Permeation = Increase penetration's percentage(for gloves and ring) Damage Crystall (Weapon) 1.Guile = Increase physical power, for Daggers 2.Fury = Increase physical power, for one-handed sword 3.Goodness = Increase physical power, for one-handed Mace 4.Virtue = Increase magic power, for one-handed Mace 5.Anger = Increase physical power, for one-handed axe 6.Will = Increase physical power, for two-handed sword 7.Destruction = Increase physical power, for two-handed Mace 8.Courage = Increase physical power, for two-handed axe 9.Inspiration = Increase physical power, for bow 10.Desilition = Increase physical power, for crossbow 11.Hatred = Increase physical power, for spear 12.Arrogance = Increase magic power, for spear 13.Magic = Increase magic power, for staff Rune 1. Fortitude = Increase health point (for amulet, belt, ring, shield) 2. Healing = Increase heal regeneration point (for amulet, cloak, shield) 3. Shielding = Increase block's percentage (for shield, belt) 4. Reflection = Increase parry's percentage (for cloak, one-handed weapon, two handed weapon) 5. Evasion = Increase dodge's percentage (for ring, one-handed weapon, two-handed weapon, ranged weapon) 6. Resistance = Increase resiliance percentage (for armor, belt, boots) 7. Defense = Increase physical defence's percentage (for shield, helm, armor, gloves, boots) 8. Magic Defense = Increase magic defence's percentage (for shield, helm, armor, gloves, boots) ________________________________________ D.Tips: Enchant Your Equipment ________________________________________ I will give small tips about enchant your equipment for PvP, war or PvE/hunting. This is not best tips, but it will help you for enchant. 1.For PvP and War If you have arena gear, better using arena gear because it has resilliance that protect you from all element damage(Just hints). And after it make enchant like this to your gear. 2.For PvE/Hunting Note: Don't use arena gear for hunting because ressiliance is not work when you are fight with creatures. (For people who have full set of defense gear) **)Frist, you need to check creature's damage element. After know, set rune as in point "C" (Rune number 7). If you don't have more gear/equipment, I just give hint to use [Rune of Defense] (Physical defense). 85% Creatures on warspear use physical damage. ____________________ E.Amplify Guide ____________________ At the last, amplify. Amplify is facility to upgrade any attribute's strength on the equipment. Amplify system appear when winterfast 2011 update. What equipment and attribute can I upgrade? 1. Weapon = upgrade physical(All weapon with physical power) and magic power(staff only) 2. Armour, Boots, Glove, Helm, Belt, cloak and shield = upgrade physical defense 3. Amulet and ring = upgrade magic defense How maximum level (+) to amplify? You can amplify until +10. You will start from +0. How to amplify? Before amplify you need : You can get it from: 1. Miracle Shop 2. You can get from creature/monster with green, yellow and red rank's Creature Rank Detail's Black - Very weak creature (Exam: rabbit) Blue - week creature Green - average creature Yellow - strong creature Red - elite creature You can see creature's rank on: 3. From any chest 4. Arena Shop 5. Any story quest 6. Dungeon's reward (Next update) Every sphare have catagories level. So, becareful. After you have that, follow the steps: 1. Go to 'menu' 2. click 'characther' 3. choose 'bag' or 'equipment' 4. choose equipment what you want to amplify 5. There is 3 choice: a) No (Low chance to spoil) : Without use sign but possible your gear broke, level amplify decrese or loss. B) 59 miracle coins : Buy 1x Sign and directly to amplify c) Sign of Imperishabillity : Use [sign of Imperishabillity] if you have. Before I continue, I wanna tell you about Sign of Imperishabillity. Sign is item to safe amplification from failure effects like equipment's broken, amplification level decrese. If you don't have sign, choose 1st choice (Low chance to spoil) but you should ready to receive failure effects. It's example if you choose frist point or forget to choose 2nd or 3rd point and fail . (Forgot to click third point from +5 to +6 and lost) 6. At the last, click 'amplify' button. Note: +0 to +1 have succes rate 100% and after +1, succes rate reduce and reduce until +10. The higher the level of amplification, success rate to be decreased. I don't have any tips about amplify because it's just chance of luck. But, before amplify, pray to god and I hope it succes. But it all, your choice is your best way. The guide and tips is very short. But I hope, it's will help you. Sorry if there is wrong/bad word in my guide. Please ask If you have any question, ask it in private message. -Thanks- The Soldier (Bravo Six)
  17. Created by: Blacknano-EU server Creation Date: 3-4 January 2014 Upload Date : 1. 4 January 2014 (Fail Due Third Party Content Music on Video) 2. 5 January 2014 Succes, but to be short because new music background Soundtrack: 1.Burning The Day - 1601, 2.Soundtrack in opening video, but can't hear(fail) since I edit with youtube editor I get bit slow connection when take this video. I know this video gameplay isn't creative, but everyting will be fine. I create this video to remove my bored. More information about dungeon, you can click link on my video. My Next Video Warspear online - Class Introduction: Bladedancer (The Dancer Fighter)
  18. :cray: это видеомне грустно хорошее видео, им английский игрок
  19. why r not u angry with me? :diablo:
  20. my friend say abt it too, he always d.c in kotarava, but in iresnort, he never d.c. he is syambian user.
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