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Shadows Of Berengar!!


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If u wanna do Shadows of Berengar read this!!


I will make a big group of elfs to do the quest but im needing some good support


We will need at least 5 Parties and each pt will have:


- 1 Druid (min 200 heal)

- 1 Bladedancer (min 2.5k def)

- 1 Ranger

- 1 Paladin

- 1 Priest


If u agree leave a comment and we will set a day and an hour to do this 8)

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they use sun

i did that quest with 4 ppl

tank(shaman with sun def)

2 necromancers and a rogue

5 pt will be very hard to get and most of them wont hear your commands=all die :facepalm:


a small group is easy to get and actually does what you say,just use a good tactic to kill :)

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