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Money making tips

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Hi! There are some tips to get money.


1. Take all drops while questing and sell them to npc, even in map 1.


2. Don't buy anything until you're reached lvl 14 or higher. You don't need to.


3. Farm bosses and dungeons. Dungeons are nearly impossible to solo, but some classes can solo bosses. (Druid, priest, shaman, necromancer) 


4. Do quests. This is the most easiest way to get gold. 


5. Farm mobs that drops is needed in daily quests in map 2 or 3. (You can choose the price) 


6. Play arena. Play arena daily, so you get some arena points (ap). Then you can use them to buy armors, weapons, minions etc. If you dont use them. Buy something and sell them to npc. And if you win arena season, you get great awards!


7. Use miracle coin (mcoin) to buy and resell. 


8. Try not to die, becouse your gear loses durability. ( I use repair scrolls to repair my gear, i think that's cheaper than repairers.)


9. Buy and resell with gold. This is one way to make gold too, but this always haves risk to lose gold. 





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6 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

Expect if guide is made 10 times


Gold guide hasnt been made that many times

this guide's are for how to make gold in game. I'm gonna make a topic, which this game actually needs at this time.

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