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improvments of not so useful skills


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Hey guys, today I want to discuss the improvement of some base skills. Some skills effects are not very useful and this is less common in the newly added characters. I have come up with an improvment of one skill for each character (some did not have any skills which needed improvement so I just suggested an upgrade to one of them).



 Light aura has a small shielding effect on the paladin, increasing physical and magical defense by a small amount (10-20 units)



  Sun armour has a 2% chance of rebounding attacks to the opponent



  Word power reduces the enemy's movement speed by 0.5% for its duration



  Inspiration also increases the character's crit chance by 0.5% at level 1, adding 0.5% for each level of upgrade (so 5/5 = +2.5% crit)



  Parry has achance of jarring the opponent's arm, slowing and weakening the opponent's attack for a short time.



  Evasion has a chance of causing the opponent to trip/stumble upon a successful dodge, stunning the opponent for 1s.



  Barkskin has a chance of splintering, causing the negative effect bleeding to be applied to the opponent, but also causing some damage to             the ally the skill was applied on.(the damage done to the opponent stonger compared to that done to the ally, obviously)



  Punishment has a chance of knocking out the opponent [a smack with a weapon does this sometimes ;) ] causing a 0.5s stun




  Roar has a chance of further frightening your opponent, so much so that the negative effect fear is applied.



  Dodging has a chance to momentarily stun the opponent after a successful dodge (see ranger for physical explaination)



   Earth protection has a chance to send out a magical blast which stuns the opponent when she/he/it attacks



  Hunter's agility can cause the negative effect stun to be applied to the opponent after a successful dodge (see ranger/rogue)


Death Knight

  Thorn of Death has a chance of injuring the opponent in such a way that they are unable to attack properly, their attack speed is lowered and their attacks less powerful (any heal skill removes the negative effect)



  Life exhaust will increase the warlock's 'life steal' to heighten by a small amount for some time, but only when attacking the targeted opponent (the one life steal was applied to)



  Deathly eye has a chance to cause venom to course through the opponents blood, heightening their physical defense but significantly reducing their magical defense.



  Dark prism has a low chance of trapping an opponent, preventing movement of their legs (as they are incased in a piece of magical prism) the opponent may still attack and use skills. The use of charge/rush skills frees the opponent from the prism.



Hope u all like the suggestions. Some are more specific than others and they are not thought over in terms of equalisation though I tried not to choose favourites. I am aware the game has relics but do not know much about them. If this thread is better suited in class discussion please move it there.

Thanks for reading :)

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 Isn't that priest's movement speed decrease a little insignificant? If it takes 14 seconds to run from one side of an area to another side (haven't tested), having a 0.5% slow would make it 14.1 seconds - and that is rounded up.

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13 hours ago, TheCabbage said:

 Isn't that priest's movement speed decrease a little insignificant? If it takes 14 seconds to run from one side of an area to another side (haven't tested), having a 0.5% slow would make it 14.1 seconds - and that is rounded up.

That is true, I didn't really think about the numbers much and didn't want to make word power too strong as it is already fairly useful, maybe change it to like 5% or 10%

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I dont really think those effects would be useful, they are too powerful but yet have such a small chance to happen, this is not really healthy for the game, basic skills are actually fine I guess. Some are pretty useless (Ranger's evasion, with bd's parry is the martyr of "uselessness") and maybe need some adjust, but adding a small chance of a great effect to happen, or such minor effects like 20 defense and 0.5 slow will not solve anything.

But I would go for changes in the experts one (I hate explosive trap hate hate hate hate)

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