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  1. So just to clarify, say if a lvl28 had a lvl19 equip, would the stats of this equip also go up? Also, I think this level change feature was a really innovative move. I don't think it will work for, say, 2x2 arena, but it will definately improve participation in 5x5 🙂
  2. That is true, I didn't really think about the numbers much and didn't want to make word power too strong as it is already fairly useful, maybe change it to like 5% or 10%
  3. Hey guys, today I want to discuss the improvement of some base skills. Some skills effects are not very useful and this is less common in the newly added characters. I have come up with an improvment of one skill for each character (some did not have any skills which needed improvement so I just suggested an upgrade to one of them). Paladin Light aura has a small shielding effect on the paladin, increasing physical and magical defense by a small amount (10-20 units) Mage Sun armour has a 2% chance of rebounding attacks to the opponent Priest
  4. I like the idea of putting the seller name, so that I do not buy from people whom I dislike or have had bad business with before, however, when I sell things in the dealer I do so as it is easy. I give you a price, if you want it take it, if not go buy from somebody else.
  5. Great idea, hope the devs take it into consideration.
  6. You could change your name when changing server, for an added small fee?
  7. Reduplication is like the new caster 'call' skill (summons a monstrous beast from a different realm to atk ppl u atk, skill level and your own attack power effect its power)
  8. The skill hope should be equalised. Maybe do something like: -Comes with a debuff, if respawned by this skill ally's attack power is halfed for 20seconds and cannot have skill applied again for 10minutes (debuff dissapears upon death as usual) -High cooldown time -High % energy cost (like 50% of casters max energy) or in case of necro 25% of max energy and 25% of max hp Just some suggestions, hope u like em! P.S. I love the ideas of these skills.
  9. hello1010


    Yeah, I was more thinking dance over mc corpse but ok, hehe.
  10. hello1010


    I would go for reusable but if its being put in, whatever the devs choose
  11. You could have it so that to make better potions you add ingredients to the current ones. Therefore, you first have to use mcoins and then rare items. Also, you could have it use different branches of alchemy like botany, tribal, etc (distinction between plant and animal ingredients) It could add to the storyline where you make potions using animal skulls (like the daily quest giver does) I like the idea of putting use to stuff such as jimson weed, etc which is otherwise a nuisance. Great idea.
  12. hello1010


    So, I'm pretty sure that the title speaks for itself but... An addition where we can taunt others in the arena or in shared islands such as Irelsnort (is that spelt correct?). You buy the taunts with miracle coins, they resemble the recent addition of emojis (recent is within the last year, I am an elf). They could be a character animation/dance, a message such as 'Haha!' or 'Vengence' or an emoji which functions as a taunt. This basically allows us to express or feelings towards other players and would add fun to the game, all would be dev designed to avoid, um, colorful l
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