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How to level up fast at the Forsaken faction?



I am a player who intends to create a Warlock character. But I heard that playing side Forsaken is hard to level up. Please ask you how to level up quickly on this side? Thanks for reading the article! ^^

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1 hour ago, TheCabbage said:

It's not hard per se, most quests are pretty easy. It's just that the first town takes forever - but after that, it's just like any other isle.

Actually forsaken map has the longest quests in all factions , they all have same difficulty but forsaken quests are just take more time to complete so this is why people think its hard to level up in there. Just buy a great or normal xp pot (or use gift one , if u make a new char devs gifting u a chest which contains and xp pot) and join a guild with xp buff then u can make your char 12-16 level in 1 day. I did it with my new charmer , yeah it was boring but when I completed all yellow quests in forsaken map I was level 16 and it took almost 1 day. (8-9 hours of playing).

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On 6/17/2017 at 2:19 AM, weismily said:

You can you use xp boost or join to other player with same quest as you

Well, if you complete quests in group to kill a mini boss or boss:

• Kelvin

• Curvelo 

• Garras

• Tuckoout

• Maitress


and towers:

• Mortarium

• Pearl Hold

• Fiery Crypt

• Forbidden Tunnel

• Abandoned Manor


you all get the quest completed. However, as for the other quests, usually in any of the mother maps you should collect items from mobs that disappear and reappear - which drop only once per time and doing those ones in group would be waste of time.

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