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  1. i'm using dagger in my rogue and it's fine with me..high attack spd means you have a high chance to hit more critical damage
  2. just press and hold volume down + power button to take screensohots
  3. weismily


    Hello kullan! Welcome to the world of warspear! What is your server?
  4. Hey! Just pm me ingame weismelay..thecrimsom guild is recruiting new member :)
  5. Rogue gauge missed sometimes other than that rogue are fun to play..
  6. i agree with you..i have a friend warlock lvl20 +1 weapon can kill a high amp level28 bd. i think the issue here is the timing and precision when using your skills..i don't know im just new
  7. This is helpful.. Thanks for your advice :)
  8. Yes i'll try..thank you! :)
  9. You can you use xp boost or join to other player with same quest as you
  10. mine is fatal shot 5/5 and stunning shot 5/5..combat stance is my next priority..im level 15 btw
  11. Hi everyone i started this game a year ago,im on us server. My char are rouge lvl21 name weismelay and lvl15 hunter name weismily!. Looking forward to see guys ingame :)
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