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Kind of like how each guild has a warehouse each guild should have a message board. This will be located in every town and when a player in a guild clicks on it they will be able to see an extended message much longer than the one seen in the guild menu. When the message is updated the guildhave will get an info: "Guild message board has been updated". Only leader and heir can update message board. This can be used to announce rules(no selling/buying in guild chat, # guild points needed weekly, no spamming, etc...), display what the guild needs(IE 2500000 gold and 41 unity signs needed to level up), or it can list off enemies the guild has, and much more.

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I know such thing from another game and yeah it is really helpful, but I don't think it should be located in every town, it should be available in the "MENU" :)

Nah, a clickable board in towns would be nicer.

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..somethin' like this in guild menu with a splash of forum; like the messages auto-delete after 24 hours (guildies working all day, can't seem to communicate when offline?)


..some kinda community message board in the towns might be handy to organise things, & the occasional joke maybe, stuff like that (put a 1post limit & charge gold to post)


..nub chat or some kinda beginner chat area would be nice

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