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Add a link to the Database in the game


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I have a feeling someone in the russian forum has already suggested this:


Add the Knowledge Base of Warspear Online( http://ws-db.ru/) to the 'contacts' section of the ingame menu (or some where else). I only learned about the database because I went to the specific topic in the general section of the forum. It's extremely useful and this will make it easier for more people to find.


There's a new dealer feature that allows people to place ads of items they want to sell or buy. Looking at it you can tell that a lot of players in the Russian servers are aware of the database(obviously because they made it), but hardly any in the other servers.

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I guess they won't do it, because the database is not official afaik. It's a fan made database, right?

From what I know the developers helped in making the database. The calculate would be difficult to make without their input. But either way they won't be making it a feature of the game, just adding a way a to get to it easier.
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While promotion of the site would sure be nice, idk if directly in-game, and especially contacts.

I'd rather have it pinned as a topic here in the forum. Who's into Warspear, and goes

more into details, sure visits the forum, and will so find out about the website.




Most of my friends know about it actually, just the forum/auction looks inactive.

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