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Server Change, plssssss...


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Hello, good day. I'm new to this game, actually maybe month or less,

but i am having great time playing this game. It was so great having

mmorpg online that can be played via mobile. Since i am new to this

game, the moment i had created my very first character, i had

mistakenly chosen RU-Amber as my realm which on the first place i

didn't knew what was that for. Now, my character is level 15 already

so i just focus on this very own character for leveling further, but i am

having trouble communicating with some online players because i don't

understand their language Russian, i guess. For this, may i request

some changes/settings wherein we could change our realm/server for

further good communications with other players. I know that the very

best solution for this is to create another character and choose

eu-emerald, but i wouldn't abandon my level14 character which i

managed to be in this level which i took for month long. Again, i am

suggesting that we could change realm/server maybe just once, but i'm

sure will be of great help to those also newbie like me on the game. I

am expecting hopefully that my request would be granted on the next

update of version 3.0.


You rock guys. Two thumbs-up for this great

game AIGRIND family. Again, good day.


P.S. I'm patiently waiting for

any reply, if possible, thank you.

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try ask support. http://warspear-online.com/en/support


but i guess no solution for that bro. the only thing u can do is play another new char on other server. dont worry, u can always ask help from other player if u play on US or EU server.


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developers are 100% busy preparing for v 3.0 update

so it will take long time to answer your email

but like lordguans have said it impossible to change your game realm

its better to start new character now or wait until update and create new char with 6 new classes   

and dont forget to choose correct server  ::)


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Id buy all my drops on RU (cheapest prices) then farm on US (ghost town) then arena on EU to see who is tough and who is talk  ;D


Would be fun. 

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Id buy all my drops on RU (cheapest prices)


[wrought belt] in RU still costs 200k :) ...if u think its cheap...well u can buy US SERVER THEN  xd lol


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