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  1. btw gm.. still there's one bug bothering my playing.. every two crosses of map.. the game closes/crashes.. Ow,,so sad.. fix this pls..
  2. mybe this would help.. I did it in my symbian and it worked.. first download the updated file in warspear website and save it in ur memory.. don't install it first,leave it on mem.. then go to ovi store..download now warspear there..after downloadin and installing on ovi,,u will see launch,, click launch.. after that..kudos.. you will load v2.10, not 2.8... hehe..i've done this accidentally.
  3. f*ck! gm,,u said if there's still bugs,,uninstall then reinstall,,i did it ..when i try this,, the version in ovi is still 2.8,, hours ago ,,i open my ovi store,,then searched warspear,,i open the app then found a menu to launch the app, im confused coz even w/o downloading i will launch ws.. i tried,,then it was successful i got 2.10.. but when i login u announce u'll be having server off to fix bugs.. so i waited..still there's bug after that.. then I remembered what u've said to uninstall then reinstall but nOw i can't find the v2.10 in ovi anymore...too bad.. is it confusing..?? :D :D
  4. tinulungan kmi ni nepz knina..kaso afk nga lng.. :P
  5. yeah,,sounds now gone worse than before..
  6. warspear still closes after several crosses of maps..
  7. jpmandfm


    oo,,pero ngyon prblema namin ay ang game.. hehe.. d na ata kmi mkkpglaro,, nag-update khpon hnggng ngyon wla pa rin sagot kung ppano sosolusyunan yung sa mga symbian users..
  8. jpmandfm


    yeah it must not come up to v2.98 while we're all waiting tongue out hoping that v3 actually be released...
  9. jpmandfm


    di nga q cnasali sa mga farm farm na yan..keso full daw lagi..kaya inaalisan q na lng.. mnsan kinikick aq kasi noob daw..sumama aq last week sa exe..d aq pinarty..khpon ngfarm cla sa beholder ,,wala man lng mang-invite ni isa magfarm man lng sa aa... :D
  10. Oo,,papalit palit lng aq sa magmors o kaya flamy daemon..kpg may daily sa flamy dun aq.. tagal magfarm,,ang pagrepair nmn umaabot 1.5k,,kaya tsk..tagal makaipon.. :D
  11. symbian users can't play! pls update app in ovi store asap.. the file downloaded in ur website keeps saying cert error... f*ck,,my fone is not hacked so ican't install this.. i've done changing my fone's date,,but still nothing happens.. so i got it now... Version 2.10 is just beta version.. ur knowing all bugs observed by players.. testing crap!!!
  12. salamat,,pero ginawa q na eh,,d pa rin.. umaasa na lng aq sa app na pwdeng idownload sa ovi store,,kaso d pa updated sa 2.10..hehe ako nga wala man lng pambili mga resources na meron kayo,,ni dmg sphere,,wala man lng magbgay..kaya hayun farm lng ng farm sa magmor..isang buwan ngfarm at yun nkaipon na q ng 11k golds.. :drinks:
  13. f*ck!!! I can't play anymore!!! every time i instal the downloaded file in warspear website, it says certificate error.. my symbian phone needs to be hacked first for sure.. update sucks..!!!! Solution pls gm..update the file in ovi store.. I badly wants to play the game... Plsssss
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