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  1. uda bosan main ini game.. mau jual akun aja. ada 2 akun yg mau dijual. char barb lvl20, shaman lvl20, rogue lvl20, warlock lvl18, deathknight lvl13, ranger lvl12 + gold 1,2juta + rune n crystal2 lainnya. bagi yg berminat pm g aja oke
  2. minion must act like a pet.. they should last forever.. we should be able to leveling up our pet.. this minion scroll that only last 20mins.. :facepalm: truly sad with this concept of minion.. :(
  3. i'm afraid that devs will post news about ayvondil/level, guild upgrades, capturing castle, dedicated dungeons, craft, minions each week/month before the upcoming update. just like the old day when they posted news about new classes each week before the update. i bet that we need to wait at least 3 - 6 months :wacko:
  4. my barb acc 19,5% and still my charge skill on lvl5 failed alot.. :wacko: perhaps this is barbs karma for doin terrible thing on the past.. :crazy:
  5. charge(stun) skill are suppose to be at 100% successful rate coz it can only use once in a fight. :wacko:
  6. roar skill on lvl5 reduce 15% sap skill on lvl5 reduce 30% correct me if i'm wrong
  7. better fix sapphire server, its so annoying everytime u have to wait just to login to the game. :facepalm:
  8. masalahnya selalu ada waktu luang pas istirahat kerja ato uda selesai kerja.. jadi mau ngapain di waktu luang ya??? ada ide ?? :wacko:
  9. waaaa.. antwonace switched side to mc :good: welcome to all newcomer on mcs side.. :drinks:
  10. wah.. player indo yg uda uzur2 di sapphire pada kemana??? :search:
  11. wew chro.. welcome back bro :drinks:
  12. dont add me on the list.. i'm only a defend type barb with only +8 one handed arena axe and all +1 equips.
  13. wtf mc skill works 100%??? now barb charge skill even get higher chances to fail. :facepalm:
  14. this tips wont work against me(as rogue) :tease:
  15. (ATTACK N ATTACK SPEED)BD = ROGUE, (HP N DEFEND)BD = BARB. barb with two handed weapon have almost the same hp with bd but they got lower attack speed. And now charge skill are extremely high possibility to fail. so this is what devs mean about fix "skill improvement"??
  16. not to critisize but FB is kind of weak in attack and defense :wacko: but they got great number of population. (no offense)
  17. lordguans

    bugs v3.0

    ah.. thx.. i missed that one. :drinks:
  18. lordguans

    bugs v3.0

    i found no more quest after kill garrass the confessor(quest on the forsaken side at moraktar island). i'm level 11. i've been entered entire places all over the island.. any solution for this problem??
  19. yah.. begitulha.. yg namany game ya playernya terdiri dr berbagai macam karakter. maklumi saja. cukup sekali didustai, ga akan ada kedua kalinya.. ;D
  20. barb got no upgraded skill.. poor class :facepalm:
  21. yup, cc items prices are insane :wacko:
  22. now, wat u guys think bout brand new v3.0 barbarian? i havent test any skill yet. for now we got higher hp n regen. i have 3415 hp and 163 regen(i'm 1handed weapon wielder n shield)
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