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Does Level Of Gladiator's Chest Effect Book Drop Chance??


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I have been opening the cheapest gladiator chest for a while bc pots and scrolls are useless on each lvl. Not only pots and scrolls most of the minions are bad and every costume is ugly and for that reason i was opening the cheapest chest i can get , thinking the level of chest wouldnt change the book drop chance ??


but .. DOES IT ?

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I think so. But regardless, opening lower level / cheaper chests is not a bad idea since you can open more chests for the same amount of Arena points. Now we don't know the chances so we can't really say which option gets you better odds, so it comes down to preference, and if you care enough about the buffs that high level chests drop.

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It is likely the drop chance increases with level, however there is no way to tell by how much.

If the lowest level chest costs 250, and highest level costs 650 then the chance of the book in the higher level chest would have to be 2.6x higher for it to be worth it.


And when talking about single digit or lower probabilities I personally prefer to take the approach of quantity if the difference in probability isn't large enough, aka I rather take 300 chests at 1% chance than 100 chests at 3%.


All a matter of preference.

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Considering I spent ~1.3m ap opening the higher level chests and never got a resil book on one of my characters. You are better off opening the low level ones.

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