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practice dummies around or inside towns


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With grey mobs(rabbit,mouse etc) being the only things that have no defense whatsover , people often have to go around searching for these thongs just to see their attack damages.  Also, you can't really use them to practice your fighting styles/combos so its kinda useless.




Make various training dummies around each of the towns/maps in arinar. This would be a good addition as it would help people focus on perfecting their fighting styles and perfecting their character.


These dummies play the role of rabbits and mouses etc. They do not have any defense, and they do not attack. But they will have a much greater amount of hp ( maybe 100-200k) depending on the town.


This will help as it would cater for the players who have actually finished cl and can't use that buyer up as a punching bag xD.


Hope ya liked.



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Why not just practise on real players? It's a lot more efficient way to learn your class.


Just for people who wish to practice on their own without having to worry about control effects from other players.



There are actually already some practice dummies in ayvondil and some map 1 maps. Maybe just increase the HP of those and add a few more in other towns.

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If u think u can suffice with killing of low def mob.So be it..i always find funny everyone hitting the poor rabbit jus to check their dmg..

I find this suggestion useless...Srry brah"

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