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make this game more'peoples choice'


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im sorry to say this but looking at various threads on peoples opinions on the game at its current state, its not really looking too good :(. the game has changed alot but you guys(devs/gm etc) dont really include us(players) in the making of your upcomming updates. you usually announce updates then wait for our opinions.






what im saying is that you should include us(players) in future updates that you are planning. if your considering adding something in the game, instead of discussing it with your teams, why not post it on the forum to see what we think about it before you decide to release it. most of your updates are just mostly things that youve been thinking of yourselves without really looking at what we want.



before this game was #1 in best game now it got pushed down :(. what you think will happen if you start including us in your plans and upcomming updates? more people will be pleased and very few complaints will come.








-random arena teleport map: players want it gone, it still stays? why?

-necromancer and deathknight life draining effects: countless repetetive posts on this to be lessend/removed/modified, but nothing? why?

-no 1v1 in arena: players have requested this countless amounts of times, still nothing?

-personal warehouses: very common suggestion, not there?



there are plenty of other things that us players have wanted in the game in general but you guys seem to just say no, or not even reply at all.




make a new subject(idk a name) on the forum where you developers/gms etc post questions on the game modifications that you are planning to do so that us players can vote/give our opinions on what your about to add into the game before its actually there.



also another subject can be added into the forum where you show all suggestions that you are considering  so we can say our thoughts.



example: you are planning to remove/modify that random teleport map in the game

warspear forum>>planned changes>>thread for removing random teleport map> explain what your gonna do to it and add a poll>> players vote and at the end of that week, the map's fate will be decided by the number of people who want it to stay or be removed.








and yes i know, the suggestions forum is already a place for people to share their thoughts on what they want added into the game but, this subject will be for gms to ask us players(using mainly polls and short descriptions) what they want inlcuded/modified/removed in the game. it should help in communication between players and devs/gms so that the game is more based on what people want rather than them adding what they think will be good.





so yeah thats it, i really hope you ALL take a minute to consider this cus look at what has happened to warspear over teh years, its grown and grown, but people are just getting sick and tired of it at the same time. it would be good to add this so that the game becomes more people based and not just them making the updates.



lets try get #1 again :)

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Agreed,Must be a different section for Disscusions.Where only devs can create topics for specific disscusion!


And a simple request to devs,

Please do care to visit "Suggestions" often  :facepalm:

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Not a bad idea, btw, some of your "EG"s have been answered with a "no", why you're asking for a reason, they answered with no, so forget and don't care!

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