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New combined skills


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Devs, may add new combined and effects what need 2 heros or more to use can be a nice idea, for example:


*If a druid uses Tornado in a enemy with burn effect from ranger's Fire arrow, the air arround the enemy enter in ignition and burn all enemys near.


*When a paladin use your banner with priest's aura near, all friends near get a defence bonus.


*If a blade dancer enter in the mage's blazing ground using your shield, the shield is covered with flames and deal damage in all enemys who attacks bd in melee  distance.


*When a shaman with "lightning shield" enter inside of a warlock's "plash of darkness", all enemys in the area are electrocuted, it ups the damage of plash and reduce atk speed.


*If a necro cast infection in a enemy, and a rogue atk him using poisonous blade, the effect of infection are activate without the enemy die.


*When a barb jumps in a enemy under the effect of "treaths of darkness" from dk, the enemy have your damage and def reduced.


Is it... Sorry my bad eng and think good about it

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No, the skills already can be used in a way to be combined even the skills of 1 class and the players will start complaining more.

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I actually agree with this idea 100%. I've been thinking tobpost something like this and idk why I didn't do it!


It would be awsome if devs add skill combinations with different classes. It would make PvP and PvE much more enjoyable and interesting! :)

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